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  1. NJH


    Roll up lads, CSCC have just announced today a new race series for forced induction FWD cars.

    Is that Charlie Bird's mk2 Megane in the picture? If you read this Charlie it would be nice to hear what you think of this new series and if you have had a hand in it. Cheers, Neil

    Regs at bottom of page.
  2. This seems like a good idea. I'm into rallying and I have been wondering how people could be encouraged into using the likes of the Megane, Fiesta ST etc etc. The class system doesn't really suit them, but they are great value these days and should offer decent performance.
  3. NJH


    I agree, I am sure the currently very thin regs will develop a bit but the CSCC are known for their very open inclusive approach (and thin regs). I raced with them back in 2010 but I know a few guys racing with them for several years now. I had a mini debate with one at Thruxton, what we both concluded was true IMHE back then as now, whilst its true there are people which use the freedom of the regs to tune the nuts of their cars they are often no faster than people with fairly mild cars. As the paddock in CSCC is made up of a core of people that all know each other at least one person removed then everyone knows who is fast or not regardless of spending power or their chosen steed. The range of cars and abilities means you always have someone to race with. I was dog slow back then in a car with severe setup issues but I still found myself in pretty much constant battles (with a clio, and supra from memory). Really then it comes down to whether one is content to just race and get in the mix, or is doing it to go pot hunting. It goes without saying that some of the cars in this series will undoubtably end up in the 400+ Bhp range.

    It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
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  4. NJH


    Promo video:

    Does indeed look like mr Bird's car.
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  5. I might have to get involved!!!

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  6. NJH


    Its got me thinking about how much I could do to mine to be competitive with the £9K or so I would expect to get from selling my 944 S2 race car. I actually enjoy the Meg more in some ways due to the aggressive shove you get out of corners from the turbo motor and diff.

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