265 Crash repair

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  1. Unfortunately I managed to crash my beloved megane last night…
    Wasn’t high speed just hit a slippiery corner at about 35-40 and slid into the undergrowth.
    I’m planning on repairing as much of the damage as I can myself.
    Have already ordered a new wing mirror, front wing and rear light,
    I’m a little concerned about the rear quarter panel, I think it’s beyond repair and needs replacing however I don’t know how easily they be replaced or where I could get one from. A quick look online hasn’t yeilded any results and I was wondering if any one had had experiences with this kind of damage before.


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  2. I’m doing it all myself insurance will end up costing me loads in the long run. Do you have any experience with body shops and know roughly how much they’d charge? I’m up to changing panels but I don’t have the patience it takes to get a good finish on bodywork so will have to take it to a shop. I was hoping not to have to spend more than £1000
  3. To be honest with that damage if going through your insurance they will right the car off, changing the rear panel is a huge job on modern cars, best is to get it as good as you can and mark it down to experience, it won't be and MOT fail, as long as you can still open the doors and boot.

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