R26 Crack /knock under hard braking /acceleration

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  1. I've tried the search, nothing seems to quite match my issue.

    I'm getting a loud single knocking /cracking noise under hard acceleration or hard braking, both sides at the front.
    It a single knock, loud and can be felt through the foot well. Feels as if something actually snaps!

    It does it when coming hard on power out of tight bends /roundabouts.

    Left side knocks when I turn right hard, right side knocks when I accelerate left..
    It may not be side specific but that's what I've noticed the few times I felt it.

    All my mechanic could find was small amount of play in inner steering rack bush, all, the rest seems fine. Fitting New rack under warranty.

    Have recently fitted a Powerflex lower gearbox mount insert but it still does it.

    Car tracks straight, feels sharp and connected, no funny noises or play in steering and feels light and self centers nicely.
    Any suggestions?

    Car is on standard suspension and exhaust (good exhaust mounts) , can't see anything knocking.

  2. When last was all the engine mountings replaced? This seems like engine movement.

    I have small knocks currently when going over bumps and pretty sure it's my ARB connection links. Have not replaced them yet and they are quite worn when I last checked so you might also want to check them.

    There's many a thing that can cause this but like you say its on hard braking and acceleration. Acceleration would point to engine mounts but braking would point more in suspension bushes eg. lower control arm front and rear bushes.

    You'll have to get in there with n prying bar to see what moves. Hope you get to the root of it.
  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    check the upper rear engine mount/stabiliser
  4. Put on ramp and have good poke around with large crow-bar especially the left side gearbox mount
  5. Double check all 6 of your subframe bolts, had a similar issue on my mates track car.

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