Coolerworx Shifter

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Harvey South, Nov 14, 2017.

Would you buy if sold

  1. Yes - mk2

  2. Yes - mk3

  3. No

  1. Gauging interest in Coolerworx shifters to be manufactured for Megane’s.

    If there is enough interest it will be manufactured and there will most likely be a group buy to start the sales off

    Price should be around £600 for black

    Coloured shifter knob is an extra £35

    For full coloured shifter it’s an extra £75

    The Coolerworx shifter is an alternative to the CAE shifters which are just as good in quality, it comes with a knurled shifter knob which can be in a range of colours, or the whole shifter can come in a colour of your choice (colours in pictures below) or head over to on instagram

    If anyone is interested could you please leave a comment or vote on the poll.

    0F791363-83E1-4EEB-9623-7619F9D080E5.jpeg 6257BC0D-B3F8-414A-874B-B5E3CA2BA873.jpeg 4348732E-AD26-4916-9C59-D51D9D412D82.jpeg 2AF93E8F-C259-4D27-BA89-97CF7ABE0629.jpeg EA17C0AE-4D1F-4310-93F4-1E44EA37C17D.jpeg CA380088-BF5C-4846-B68E-695ED88190D2.jpeg
  2. Will you be offering them for the mk2 & mk3 Megane?
  3. If the there is enough interest, which is currently looking positive, then yes we will be
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Welcome Harvey! Good to see you on here!

    Do coolerworx do any other parts or just shifters?
  5. Sounds good, £200 ish cheaper than a CAE then.

    Group buy could be the one
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  6. Fantastic looking product and finally another option than the CAE. If the price is as good as it looks there will be takers.
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  7. Currently it’s just shifters and hydraulic handbrakes, it’s still early days for the company though so we are trying to develop new parts that have the most demand
  8. Looks like good bit kit, but not at £600 plus. £450 and you’d sell bucket load
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  9. Had one of these in my Mini, quality is probably on par with the CAE i have in the Meg now. Good value, i guess.
  10. As bobsan said! I’d be interested at £450, can’t warrant £600 for one

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  11. I'd be interested if the price was nearer £450
  12. Did this die a death
  13. No hasn’t died, just more interest from other vehicles so it’s in the company best interest to manufacture for those cars first, but will definitely happen
  14. Several colleagues have these on their beemers, hopeful they’ll start making for cheeses cars as well

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