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  1. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Hi, sorry if i am asking the question again, but i cannot find an answer for the MK2 . so here i am asking what people experience can bring before i spend too much money.

    My springs are shot making the car very instable at speed on bumpy road, all shock are new (cup dampers thanks to RPD.)

    I am currently on H&R springs but considering RENAULT standard cup spring. however due to the price of them i am thinking with a little bit of money added you get a set of BC coilover.

    the thing is i dont track the car, just enjoy a nice twisty road, but i am concern of durability of coilover, because they are one piece i assume you cannot change spring or damper easily and it will be expensive unless people who use them can prove me wrong.

    I know others went with Grams, or Cooksport, and for the cheap price of aftermarket it is although very tempting to stuck with a new set of H&R.
  2. go with Grams, if not tracking coil-overs bit wasted on public roads
  3. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Hi Bobsan, thanks for reply, do the grams lower the car much compare to H&R?
    I know From reading other thread cooksport lower the car too much, and with the Dci engine is Heavy.

    as it is my daily i do not want to go lower than H&R gives really otherwise it will be a pain to drive over speed bumps
  4. Grams: Front -25mm
    Rear -25mm

    H&R: Front -35 to -40mm
    Rear -35 to -40mm
  5. If its a b-road warrior I would go cup spring. Personally I found the GRAMS a better performer than stock on the track (although these have a limit) but too far down the damper travel and slower than cup springs down the b-roads making it crashy and uncontrolled.

    Coilovers depends on spring rates and usage.
  6. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Like i Said usage will be mainly B-roads / motorway i do like the stance of a lower car however performance of handling is my priority. i want the car as planted as possible.
  7. I have the same quandary. I have new dampers to fit but not yet bought springs. I like the lowered look, but quite a few people say stick with stock if not tracking it. Think I'll just spend the £400 on stock springs. Though was tempted by the blue 25mm drop H&R, (not the softer 35mn drop ones) or 25mm drop Eibach ones, if I wasn't also surrounded by speed bumps.
  8. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Grams sound appealing but durability of those aftermarket spring deceive me, last H&R springs lasted just 2 years or 70K miles, they aren't broken, but lost their stiffness making the car very unstable in bends especially if bumpy road as well.

    They were not like this before. Does the cost of OEM worth it, i am not sure.
  9. You did 70k miles in 2 years ?
  10. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    i do about 100-110 miles a day just for commuting to work yes 500 miles a week approx then you can had mileage to taxi the kids to friend and clubs, maybe 550 miles a week

    That why my Diesel warrior has 185k miles on the clock, but serviced every 6k and still rev to 4krpm
  11. Your cars a proper commuter the, I’d fit the Grams, should last as long as any, are cost effective plus give vehicle better stance
  12. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    that's my thought two,
    just another thing, how do people rate Eibach pro kit? is it close to OEM?

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