Clubsport Megane 265 - Best bang for buck mods?

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by MrRH, Apr 12, 2024.

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    So I'm between selling this car and turning it into a weekend/track car.

    A bit about the car:
    68k miles
    Mapped to 305 by Engine Dyanmics
    K&N panel filter
    Forge BOV (which I will probs be removing)
    Midbox chop and scorpion backbox

    What are some cost-effective mods to make this feel a bit more savage or sporty? I'm more looking at the feel of the car rather than power.

    I have a set of track wheels with semi-slicks on already. Fresh vented discs.

    In regards to power, is it worth popping a decat on? Is it worth shelling out for an intercooler upgrade?

    At the moment, the car feels too normal for my liking, sort of like a fast regular car that does silly wooshing sounds from the dump valve.
  2. Intercooler for safety
    Decent suspension
    Brake pads and fluids
    Track time

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