Clio182 vs Megane250 - which is best?

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by Richdobie, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. I’m fortunate enough to own both a Clio182 and a Meg250 and I’m always getting asked “which is the best?”. So I decided to do a YT video to let ppl know my view …..

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  2. 2 legendry hot hatches.
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  3. Absolutely
  4. A good watch. Well done.

    Having owned Clios (182,trophy, 197, 200) and Megs (R26,Cup-S). You are right the Clio when you are on it at 10/10th is the more enjoyable but the rest of the time the Meg is the better all rounder. Just brought a 6 ft Xmas tree home in mine with the seats folded down.
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  5. Having only been in two clios, both 172s, I still prefer the Mégane. Standard LSD, buckets more grunt. More tuneable.

    I get the N/A appeal, but I wouldn't describe the Clio engine as a screamer. I'd imagine you would always be wanting more grunt.
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  6. In truth the Clio doesn’t feel like it needs more. The 180bhp feels bang right. I refer to it being a screamer as it doesn’t kick until around 5,500rpm and then pulls strong past 7,000rpm. Great fun, but you have to be in the mood and the Megane is just the better car all round.
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  7. I see your point when comparing to the forced induction engine.
  8. Defo need to be in the top end of the rev range. As Clio's lack torque you dont miss not having a lsd. Less weight + Complexity.
  9. Interesting I find I rev my standard 275 quite alot. Two reasons:

    1. Not Mapped so not a huge dollop of torque early. As opposed to my mapped R26 I found I drove more like a turbo diesel.
    2. Came from an E92 M3 which needed revved but also more power.
  10. Had loads of clips and a megane 225 trophy. A couple of the clios were track prepared. Loads of fun when I was younger etc. I'd probably have one again but finding a tidy one that the owner hasn't put a million pound price tag on is a tough find.

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