Clio IV Trophy blitzing lap

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  1. NJH


    Any of you guys seen the Sport Auto video and lap time?

    Looking down the listing for Hockenheim short its whipped a shocking number of fast cars, some by big margins

    ....most surprising of all the same driver is only 1/10th of a second faster in the Meg 275 Trophy.

    Maybe the media et al have been to harsh on this car, 200 Kg lighter than a full fat Meg, just as fast or faster on track and 40+ mpg.
  2. Apparently it wasn't a standard car. False time for a factory standard 220.
  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I wouldn't read too much into the Nordschleife "record" lap time as it wasn't really a stock car....

    Does certainly seem to be the improvement it needed to be over the 200T though, Just a shame it did come like the from the beginning or we might of seen a lot more of them
  4. Lightweight, wider wheels and semi slicks were bolted on.
  5. NJH


    DZO3 Dunlops. I read the comments, perfectly fair comparison to other hot hatches whose times were done with Cup 2s or worse a combination of those tyres or Trofeos + a load of other suspension goodies which in some cases you can't even purchase. Many believe for example that the Civics Nring time was not done on the factory fit contisport6 tyres. I guess there is no pleasing some people, personally I thought it was a hugely impressive lap, the margin back to some serious machinery is more than enough to believe those other cars with similar tyres will not close the gap.
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The Civics lap wasn't done on the Factory fit tyres as i seen the car they used with my own eyes. Nor was it a factory standard car, Look how it pulls up Kesselchen for example.

    Anyway, I digress. The Clio is still a cracking little car, It was released at the wrong time and with the wrong marketing. Regardless what Renault done with it Ford still would of claimed the top spot with the ST.
  7. It was also on 1/2 inch wider and lighter wheels I believe. That does hit the credibility factor a bit more. There are also many people who will think that time was with a stock motor.

    Stock production car versus modified car? Where do you set the benchmark? You can always equalise the performance gap with some choice mods and the right day/driver.

    The Civic Type R Ring lap was also a bit dubious because of the full roll cage fitted and associated 'deleted' items for weight compensation.

    Only Renault has a done it on the Ring officially with production standard cars.
  8. NJH


    Agreed 100% on your last point mate as currently it seems the Meg was the only car of the 3 record breakers whose spec you can actually purchase from Renault. There are also reports of VW cheating with the Golf R (surprise surprise). I was reading a PH thread a while back where someone linked a magazine had checked the car they had been given and discovered it had 2 degrees of -ve camber.

    Anyways seeing that time prompted me to do a bit more research on the car and it seems a real shame to me that RS would not put 4 pot Brembos on the thing, the engine has also been criticised for lacking character but sadly this seems to be the way things are going across the market place. Definitely a missed opportunity and it raises question marks about what will RS do for the new Megane? Personally I hope they go for the jugular and release a 400 Bhp hybrid like the Peugeot Sport 308 mule prototype thing.

    Engine character is an interesting little point that does really colour how I feel about a car. My R26 with RS Tuning map is a bit old school in the way it builds from 2k to 3+k rpm and all the better for it, I infinitely prefer it to the BMW designed 1.6 turbo in the mrs Pug 207 GT, that is one hatefully boring engine, hairdryer sound and diesel driving characteristics.
  9. Plenty of scope out there for endless debate over lap times. Understanding how and when the lap time is achieved and it's true significance is the key really. I don’t think most people understand the variability or significance of the times.

    I’m looking forward to a Ring time for the new Focus RS tho - which will be very disappointing I reckon. Ford had it round on development and is keeping quiet. Too fat and it’s become an over hyped vehicle, particularly if you favour a more pure drivers car.

    The Clio 200 is a flop and missed the spot with the 220 sorting that to some degree. If that’s the trend for the next Megane RS, the end of the RS brand is nigh.

    Engine noise and the knock on effect of forced induction, emissions and cubic capacity with the only way around it is piped induction or artificial sound generation. Both a waste of time imho. Don’t try to fake it. Just keep it to an exhaust valve.
  10. NJH


    Definitely. Porsche used to have that nailed, PSE on the 996 made a really nice sounding car into something which puts the hairs up on your neck. Its not just the fake sounds I can't stand its all the daft farts and pops and bangs nonsense their all doing now.

    Talking about sound I want a car that sounds like this:

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