Clearing airbag light new clock spring

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  1. Hi All,

    Yesterday I removed and refitted a new squib/clockspring due to airbag/service light being on on my 04, 225. The old ribbon was bunched up a broken. The new ribbon is good and I have checked all connectors under the seat etc as recommended on other threads. My question is:

    Does the airbag fault code need clearing by a Renault diagnostic tool as it is still illuminated or should it extinguish automatically once the circuit is complete again? I have tried leaving the battery disconnected overnight but the light is still there. I'm happy to pay for a code clear if anyone has experience of codes need g to be cleared even after repair to the SRS system.

    Cheers for any info/advice received!
  2. No
    You do not need to clear the error. The error will remain in the memory, but it will disappear on the board.
    Of course if everything is ok. The error that is currently present can not be deleted by the tool. It happens that connectors under the steering wheel cause a fault.
  3. So, I've now changed the ribbon connection in the steering wheel and soldered the wires below the seats together to bypass the connectors.

    I still have the lights on!

    Not sure if I should replace the whole assembly surrounding the steering wheel now?
  4. I did a clock spring recently and airbag light just went off afterwards. The connections for airbags on the megane are very sensitive,my light even came on one day just by tilting the steering wheel down!
    I'd suggest taking the steering wheel off again and the squib/airbag. What i did was if there were any bent wires, straighten them out maybe even wrapping some electrical tape around kinks a few times to keep kink straight? , take all connections off and on a couple of times, maybe use a little electrical contact cleaner, wait till it dries then reconnect.
    i also very, very gently just slightly put pressure on the pins of the airbag bending them slighlty inwards so they get a better connection when you put the plugs back on the airbag, be very gentle doing this, you'll be surprised how little makes an airbag come on on these! Good luck!
  5. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    When i changed the whole clockspring the airbag light went from the dash on its own but my steering sensor had to be recalibrated as it is in the same unit on the renault's.
  6. Just thinking......

    These lights weren't on when I purchased the vehicle and may have only come on after I've stripped all the interior!

    Is there any other electronics that may play a part in this?

    I've removed pretty much everything tbh, radio, centre console with cig lighter etc! Door cards etc are off, but all the electrics are still connected.
  7. As i said above, electrics regarding airbags are very sensitive, did i deserve or cause my airbag light to come on just by tilting my steering wheel? :-)
    Something thousands of people do on other makes of vehicle every day! You don't necessarily have to disconnect a plug to cause a problem, just accidentally pulling on looms, wires would do it, which you 'might' have done!
  8. Going to take the steering wheel off again later and see if I can find something else.

    Failing that, may have to purchase a whole new surround to see if it's that!
  9. It doesn't take much to set the airbag light to go on, just concentrate on the connectors being tight, and any kinked wires just try and make them straighter.
    Just very, very gently put gentle sideways pressure on pins at connectors, then reattach them. Good luck!
  10. Took the airbag off again today, checked all wires and connections etc.... still lights are on!

    May have to admit defeat on this and call in the pros!

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