R26 'Check Injectors' and no power...

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  1. Hi guys,i wonder if you can help me - my R26 randomly has a 'check injectors' warning on my dash,and i have no power at all in the car - it revs to about 2500 rpm with no turbo. At other times the car is fine.

    RAC ran diagnostics and it came up with 'Throttle Control' and 'EGR Valve' error.

    I know it could one of a few sensors,but im trying to narrow it down - it seems as though the turbo isnt kicking in as the dump valve doesnt sound at all. The car was remapped at RS tuning a few years ago - could it be anything to do with that?

    Im just wondering if anyone knows exactly which sensor it would be before i go to a specialist to have it properly looked at.
  2. I've had this error for two reasons. First is fuel starvation, and that can happen with anything less than half a tank if you're going hard enough round a corner. The second was bolts falling out of where the turbo connects to the manifold, and also where the turbo connects to the cat.

    Those things are easier to check than a sensor.
  3. The thing is,if i go to my car now it can be totally fine - or it can be in limp mode. Which leads me to think its an electrical sensor issue?
  4. Ive had the same issue with mine once in lane 3 on the m6 check injection came up then it drove like it was missing on all 4 pots. turned it on/off was perfect again but no codes stored then doing no more than 40 down a lane an it did the same, both times the car was travelling in a straight line with over a quarter of a tank of fuel im stumped ‍♂️
  5. Mine hasnt done it 'on the move' ...its when i turn the engine on - the warning is either there or not. Which leads to me think this is a communication problem on startup?
  6. Only correct answer will be is to get the codes read. ‘Check injection’ is merely a generic message telling you there’s something going wrong with regards the the engine
  7. Probably won't be this,but check it anyway as if makes things go nuts,well if did on mine,earth leads,check them all!Cheapest things first!:-)
  8. Well,i havnt seen the error for a good few days now - strange?
  9. I tried to read the codes the second time it happened but nothing comes up an the fault clears by turning it on and off. frustrating but it hasnt done it in a while an ive been giving it the full potato everytime i use it, so sod it ill fix it when it breaks properly which may be soon as its running 300bhp an 332 pounds of torque/pain. If anybody is selling any forged pistons/rods valves etc message me please
  10. Ok,so i didnt have this problem again for about 6 weeks - then it flashes up the other night and goes back into limp mode. How can it be so random hehe?

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