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Castle Combe 3rd july

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by RS250 castle combe, May 19, 2020.

  1. Anyone else booked this date ?
  2. My car is booked in at EFI on the 2nd July, so i will book this day as my test track day, :sunglasses::sunglasses:

    Will book a hotel near by, probably Gloucester area, Premier inn has rooms.
  3. Just had a look and it looks like this is session'd event :cry::cry::cry:
  4. cool, hope to see you there !!!
  5. session'd event ??? whats this mean :blush:
  6. Your in a group a,b,c or d, you get 1 x 15 minutes stint an hour

    If someone bins it in your group, that is more than likely the end of that session.
  7. I do know there is no passengers aloud also no spectators and the briefing is out side , but to be fair that's understandable ...
  8. But a second driver is allowed as long as they live in the same house.

    There are a few trackdays that are session'd and i have avoided them so far, i would much rather choose when i want to go out on track.
  9. . Hope there not using that format from now on as i have booked up the 24th July as well
  10. Yes that one is session'd as well, think i will go with BHP motorsport if i book, less cars but a bit more money.
  11. . Hope there not using that format from now on as i have booked up the 24th July as well
    Bloody typical think I booked that with trackdays
  12. https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/offers/car-track-day

    You have to look at the small print :laughing::laughing:, i think it costs a little more booking through Trackdays but i think you can cancel and get a refund, don't quote me but have a look
  13. Ok yeah , well tbh i will still be going, this time round , but will defiantly be checking this out if i book again :hushed:
    have to take a look at Thruxton and see what there format is ....
  14. #

    I don't think Thruxton do sessions there, never seen one advertised as that.
    So you should be okay :sunglasses:
  15. That’s Good news then best look into Thruxton for August Trackday fancy going there ?
  16. Yes i'm up for that, just need to make sure my cars okay, but shouldn't be a problem.
  17. Let's hope so
    I'm looking forward to Thruxton , you can show me the lines :grimacing: :blush:
  18. :laughing::laughing: can do, should be fun from another car :sunglasses:
  19. Your have to be patient for a couple of laps before you gun it , with all that extra grunt :grimacing::grimacing:
  20. Make sure he's not behind you through church:laughing::laughing:
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  21. :grinning:isn't that the fastest corner ? I've seen Ian's videos :astonished: they look impressive !!
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  22. Ha ha ha will build up slowly for you :sunglasses:
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