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  1. My megane 250 has started throwing this message up when i put the card in the slot, but the car starts as normal in thr slot and with the card in me pocket, could this be the start of a permanent issue?
  2. Mine randomly does this when it's in my pocket, which is strange as it detected it well enough to let me in the car
  3. Strange as the cars working as usual. May try the spare key at some point
  4. Oli


    Mines said this for years when I put the key in the slot but it’s never caused an issue, always works when I press the start button
  5. Try changing the battery. Perhaps the signal us to weak.

    Mine did it intermittantly before the battery low came on dash.

    If you have other random stuff in your pocket it may block the signal intermittently like coins and keys.
  6. be careful here, even though car starts now one day you might get 'Insert Key to Start' request and then you're stuffed. personal I'd get two new keys programmed while car is derivable as when this happened to me my spare key didnt work either followed by having to trailer to Reno for new keys
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    Had a similar issue on the Clio I last had, whenever the keys were in my pocket and behind either my phone or an RFID blocking wallet it could never pick up the card despite unlocking fine when I approached.
    Also know of someone who had this recently on a Golf R to the point where he kept ignoring it until the car wouldn't start one day and had to be towed to VW for two new keys to be programmed.
  8. Mines doing it in the slot also, well was, as its fine now
  9. hi, im new here but i have fixed this problem on my 225. there is a small round disc inside the key card that over time breaks the solder loose. you will need to open up the key card by half destroying the casing but there are plenty of replacement cases on ebay, they are usually 5 bucks each, and soldering the disc back on to the small electrical board.

    hope this helps with your 250

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