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  1. My Bluetooth has now stopped working in my 250, its something I use regularly. So looking into upgrading. Just wondering what stereos people have installed and recommend.
  2. I would recommend anything other than the junk that Renault fit
  3. Charlie Howard

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    From what I've heard you're better off upgrading the speakers and putting an amp in than changing the stereo as it doesn't improve the sound quality very much.
  4. I changed everything in mine pretty much, did make the top screen useless though (unless you have rs monitor).

    Some pics in the link in my sig.
  5. Also interested in the replies to this. Sorry to butt in!!

    Out of interest if fitted with Sat Nav and you change head unit for one with decent output, does this affect the sat Nav?

    Only ask because I am tempted to replace all four speakers and the head unit, rather than go down the amp and speaker route using the standard stereo.
  6. Sorry I ment my Mic for the Bluetooth has stopped working. Since I installed tweeters and a small Pioneer amp which is plug and play the sound quality is alot better, I also have a underseat sub that I brought a while ago but haven't installed it as of yet, was planning on the changing the speakers. Once the sub is installed and new speakers I would have been perfectly happy, it's just because the Mic doesn't work that I'm looking to change as i use it quite alot.
  7. Mikeyjp

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    How do you know its not the Mic thats broken?
  8. When i fitted my pioneer amp, the bluetooth has stopped working, I believe this is because of the additional loom put in series behind the OEM headunit, it connects up the power wires for the amp and signals etc but doesnt carry over the connection for bluetooth, I cba to change headunit and want to keep it looking OEM so just use phone on speaker phone or ignore the call and ring back, no issue
  9. The Bluetooth is fine, so I'm assuming the Mic is broke. Do you if it's possible do replace them?. If so I won't need to by an aftermarket stereo.
  10. The Bluetooth is fine. It's just that nobody can hear me when my phone is answered through Bluetooth. Can clearly hear who is on the phone to me. If the Mic can be replaced then I won't change the stereo to an aftermarket one.
  11. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Look for someone breaking a car ?
  12. Will see if somebody has one. Didn't know if it could be replaced, but it can as it has connector on the end of it. Thought it was wired all the way in.
  13. Exactly the same as mine mate. It's because of the loom I believe
  14. How did you wire your new amp up?
    When I set mine up, I thought I'd killed Bluetooth too but it turned out that Bluetooth audio is only sent to the front output, not rear.
    At the time I was using my wifes GT220 radio which only outputs full range to the rears (stupid firmware issue).
    If you've done the same, I'm betting the sound is there but just not getting to your amp.

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  15. Thing is though it's been fine for months while it's been installed. It's only recently the Mic has stopped working.
  16. What amp have you got?. The one I have is plug and play. It's been fine for months then out of the blue the Mic has just stopped working.
  17. Are you in Sydney?

    I have a spare gt220 radio you can try.

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  18. Would be a long drive to try as I live in
  19. I have a Helix G Five in the 265 and was previously running a hertz hcp4d.

    Both I spliced into the loom myself, speaker outputs only.

    I did briefly run a single din radio using an aerpro harness but didn't use the speaker outputs then either.

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  20. Easy fix, just post yours over.
    In 2 weeks I should receive it.
    I'll swap the units over and let you know if it works :wink:

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  21. The sound is fine. I'm happy with what the amp and tweeters have done to it. Just need to install my underseat sub I have and I'll be perfectly happy. Just annoying how the Mic has completely stopped working. Every other Bluetooth function is fine. I'll just have to get hold of another Mic and replace it and see if that sorts it.
  22. Have you checked the plug itself into the mic?
    They are very thin wires up there.

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  23. Will have to have a look and see
  24. Sorry to resurrect this thread, has anyone got a picture of the mic and the plug into the head unit ? Is the mic a separate item with its own din type plug or hard wired. I have a similar issue the mic is just aweful and makes speech heard by anyone pretty crap. Would be grateful for any pics of the back of the head unit showing the connections. I am assuming the mic is situated in the roof behind the circular cover above the rear view mirror.

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