Cambelt/mapping in the south west

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by SRex, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. As the title i need my cambelt done soon and would like the car mapped, can anyone recommend anywhere in the south west to do the work? I'm based in Wiltshire

  2. Dan @ sjm is where I go can do both, and great guy
  3. Cheers mate can you provide me with some more information on what they're called though? Haha
  4. SJM automotive....
  5. Have tried to call the number listed on google for a few days now with no response... does anyone have any other suggestions?

  6. I've also sent him a fb message on Monday as I wanted some info but no reply as of yet.........

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  7. I know Dan (Potter) pretty well, worked on my Clio and now looks after my Megane. He is generally very active on FB and can be contacted there He is in most of the Clio and Megane owners groups too.

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