Cambelt change RS 250 - 2010

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  1. I think it's time to change the cambelt. I'm going to get a local garage to do it (non renault)

    Is there anything else that needs to be done at the same time. I assume tensioners etc but what about water pump? Is that needed/sensible to do at the same time or not needed? Anything else?

    Also, wheres best to get the bits, other than Renault?
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    Get a specialist to do it and do the water pump and dephaser at the same time.
  3. As above. These need to be done properly with the correct Renault tools by a Renault specialist. I wouldn't fcuk about with this service.

    Mick at Diamond did mine. Long eaton, Notts. Was under £600 for the full service inc dephaser & water pump too. He only uses OEM parts and is very particular about getting it right. He doesn't add any mark up for the parts either so you'll be getting them at cost.
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  4. Whats the dephaser?

    Does anyone know of a good Renault specialist near Milton Keynes that's not a dealer?

    I don't know about my nearest Renault dealer but with my Vauxhall's the last place I'd trust would be a Vauxhall dealer. They haven't a clue generally and charge through the roof.
  5. Long eaton is just over an hour up the M1 from MK. Mick at Diamond is in Long Eaton. Worth the journey IMO.
  6. Diamond motors (Mick) or Midlands Renault Specialists (Mark Black) are worth a bit of travelling. I drove 3 hours each way but it'll be way cheaper than a dealer and 100% done correctly! :wink:
  7. deffo mick @ diamond, did mine the other month, £590 all in, knows his stuff big time, wouldn't trust my 250 with anyone else
  8. No offence, but aren't you guys going a bit too extreme?
    It's just a cambelt service, not something very complicated that only a true specialist could do?

    I mean if there is a specialist nearby then ofcourse go to it, but it's not like it needs a engineer to do it.
  9. I did my own a month ago. It's a average 4pot engine it's not rocket science. At £600 there earning a very tidy labour profit for about 3 hours maximum work
  10. I assume you know they're not the "usual" setup like the majority of engines with key ways etc?
    I'm just suggesting he takes it to someone who knows these particular engines and how sensitive they are to the timing being out.
    If you've never worked on one yourself, then you won't know how easy it is to get the timing out compared to engines which have key ways for the pulleys :wink: (Took my R26 to MRS, and my exhaust cam was way out from a previous attempt at a random garage)

    And if you have all the appropriate locking tools and knowhow, then fair play :smile:

    It's good advice for the OP, but it's not my engine :relieved:
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  11. Also, forgive me if I'm wrong but what's wrong with making a profit? Isn't that the idea? Lol
    After you weigh up the costs of a cam belt kit,aux belt kit,water pump,seals etc and a dephaser pulley plus the's not really a monster profit!
  12. Here's list items need changing:
    Timing belt
    Aux drive belt
    Dephaser pulley
    Water pump and gasket
    Crank pulley bolt
    Camshaft oil seal and fixing kit
    Oil filter
    Engine oil (its mandatory for warranty as camshaft depends on good oil)
    Coolant 5 litres
    Timing end float oil seal- large
    Timing end float oil seal- small
    If go to Diamond all parts are genuine and guaranteed under Renault Warranty anywhere else probably not
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  13. it's about £350+ profit for a couple of hours work. Possibly less if your used to doing them.

    Ive just had a quote for the belts on my track car kv6 engine and that is a monster of a cambelt job, £450.

    A good trustworthy garage won't struggle with the cambelt on the megane. I didn't and found it fairly straightforward
  14. Get it done by your local back street garage. It's not my car. I couldn't care less but I know where I'll be taking mine each time.
  15. That's fair enough mate, I was just pointing out for the OP a tipp-ex-mark-on-the-pulleys back-street-garage job won't cut it lol! :wink:
  16. There's a big difference between a trustworthy and back Street garage.
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  17. How much are all the parts that are needed to do the job?
  18. About £360 from Renault Parts Direct
  19. So about £80 an hour labour. That's not far off the going rate?
  20. true but there's obviously many more Renaults on the roads with the vvt engines in various sizes than the rs. And the cambelts on those aren't to dissimilar so many other garages other than specialists should be capable if you can't get the long distance to the handful of specialists.

    As I said before I changed my own. My 265 had only covered 11,000 but was making a metallic noise like the dephaser sound. So I decided to change it all. It's still under warranty now but modified so couldn't take it there. It's really not a huge job. And I'm a joiner by trade, just enjoy mechanics
  21. Guys, if the garage have the timing tools, and they use them, it's near impossible to fuck it up. Touring the country for a cambelt change is daft.

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  22. Talking to Renault guys who've done many belt changes general concensous is de phase and oil seals are most common issue, followed by water pump blades then the belt itself. Based on that guessing it's more than just belt to watch out for.

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