Cambelt, aux belt and water pump replacement in Scotland

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  1. I have just been quoted 1410 pound for this work on my Megane 2 RS 225 Cup at my local Renault dealer, having read other threads on this subject it would seem this job should cost around half of what i've been quoted.

    Can any of you good folk recommend anywhere in Scotland to get this work done at a sensible price, as I am willing to travel for a potential saving this big, I live in Elgin.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
  2. Isn't there a Renault Sport specialist in Edinburgh? Think I vaguely remember hearing of one.

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  3. Yep, Rentec Autocare in Edinburgh. I've used them before and I can highly recommend their services. Really knowledgeable and nice guys.
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  4. 2"nd that got my RS 250 done at Rentec sure it only cost £399 for the lot when a dealer in Aberdeen was going to charge me a grand just for the timing belt . Asked them to look at my lower swivel bearings while I was there as I was having handling issues , they were shot so the guys offered to stay back late to finish the job to save me traveling back down from Aberdeen . Took them till 7.30pm and all in total cost for full service timing belt .water pump, dephaser and aux belt and swivel bearing replacement was under £900
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  5. Cheers guys, I will give Rentec a call!

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