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  1. It's always good to have honest answers from people who have them. I still would have one but for what they cost do they justify what to get in return. I think my money is better spent else where i.e. Coilovers which for similar money will make a bigger impact on the performance of the car.
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  2. Don't get me wrong when you have an open road it's really fun and it notches in nicely, but on daily driving through towns etc. it can become tiresome. It's also sometimes an arse to get it into a gear, and you have to declutch and try it again. Mind you even with OEM I had this a few times. As it moves the pivot points it's obvious that the strain is transferred to other areas on the box too (see the disclaimer on CAE website) so you need to change with a degree of mechanical sympathy so as not to damage the box. I know this sounds like a conflicted review, it's a good bit of kit but you just need to think on it before boshing out on one is all I'd say!
  3. The megane is my only car at the moment but I work from home

    I go into the office once every two weeks which is a nice hour commute down country roads each way
    Other than that it's just used for a weekly shop and track days lol

    I miss the satchshift I had on the clio badly, and I'm absolutely appauled at how crap the standard shift is on the Megane. I realise coming from a paddle shift M3 and MX5 it wasn't going to be great, but it's vague, sloppy and notchy all at the same time...

    Hrmmmmmm choices choices
    On top of all this the spacers I ordered from K-Tec a WEEK ago, they just informed me they haven't even got them in stock yet and it will be end of this week before they arrive. After being told thursday, then friday then today for delivery dates. So not the best first experience with them, not sure I really want to give them any more money to be honest. :worried:
  4. Well I'm still gonna get one, more than anything just so I don't have to keep leaning forward to change gear and knackering my back up.

    Spoke to K-Tec, 3 are ordered, 4th one paying today - so pretty close to having the full 5 needed for the group buy to go ahead

    I asked about the 10% off bank holiday sale and they were quite honest and said yes they were part of that but shouldn't have been as they would lose money at that price, and this is the best they can do at the moment.

    I do urge anyone who's thinking about it to remember brexit next month and the pound is likely to take a dive, so this might be a good time to make the purchase.
  5. I think you'd probably enjoy one then dude, and to be fair if you've had the snatchshift in the past you'll know what to expect.

    LOL, it is my pet hate when companies list stuff on their website with no status on whether it's actually in stock or not. I've been trying to buy a worktop for my garage units and it's out of stock everywhere but all these idiots are still listing it on their site, really tedious...
  6. Ktec are great for taking your money and making you wait for the item, same as Demon tw*ts, 13 days delivery ended up being 12 weeks and don't even get me going on trying to speak to someone about the order, shortest phone call was 48 minutes longest was 1 1/2 and i hung up in the end :rage:
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  7. I do urge anyone who's thinking about it to remember brexit next month and the pound is likely to take a dive, so this might be a good time to make the purchase.[/QUOTE]

    The only thing happening next month is the clocks going back an hour. Brexit is 29th March 2019
  8. Excellent honest advice. My car is my daily also, my only concern was what the CAE shifter was like to live with on the daily commute.
    After reading this it’s given me food for thought. Did you also fit the gearbox bracket? Know some don’t bother. Love the look and on B road blast or track day i bet it’s amazing with that proper race car feel. Trouble is could i live with it in traffic etc. Hhhmmm... decisions. Lol
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  9. Thanks. Yes I fitted the gearbox bracket, that was an arse taking the battery out, French design is maddening!

    It's really down to individual choice, my pal has one and loves it but again his car is a toy. It's fun to use don't get me wrong, but there were days I was cursing it when in traffic etc. I love motorsport bling in cars and have always loved gadgets for cars so naturally I was excited by the prospect of getting one. However I just found after the novelty had worn off I felt like I could've lived with the OEM set up. I am older now and whilst I still love cars I'm not quite as keen as I was in my 20's so perhaps this has a bit to do with it also. Best advice would be to try one if you can then decide.

    The best mod I got for my Megane was the R version! :smiley:
  10. Did read on the CAE website that you don’t have to fit the bracket, could be wrong though. Maybe the bracket makes it a bit more extreme and stiffer gear changes?

    Thanks for the advice. Wish i could just have my car as a weekend toy but can’t run 2 cars unfortunately.

    Trophy R, nice! Definitely a future classic.
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  11. No you don't have to fit the bracket but like I said I wanted to do it properly. That has no bearing on the feel of the shift, just prevents strain on the bracket in the bay. I actually wondered what it did myself as I couldn't see the need for it as it would take a lot of force to damage or break the OEM mounting point. I'm sure I've done a picture guide on my old thread...

    Edit - no I didn't just had pics on my old phone!
  12. And an EU Summit?
  13. Update: FINALLY received my ball joint part from CAE.

    Dealing with them is a nightmare, they are incompetent buffoons. Basically they sent it to me (after charging me £50) and there is no circlip included. I had to send them SIX emails until a response was received, to which they said it isn't included and you need to buy it separately, FFS! So they sent me a part which is next to useless without the retaining clip, they also didn't have the foresight to bring this up at the time I ordered it - [insert choice word here] muppets..

    Anyway they're sending me one out apparently, watch this space. Worst customer service ever.
  14. Update to the group buy

    K-Tec have informed me today that the 5 orders required are now filled. They are processing the orders and will email the buyers next week with an update.

    Might get the items by the end of the month :smiley:

    Thanks to all that ordered!
  15. Hmmm tempted
  16. They're happy to accept more orders, if it gets to 10 there some sort of extra discount
  17. Would be good if they could quantify that extra discount
  18. You could phone up and ask :smiley:
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  19. Will do
  20. If they arrive before the end of the month I will eat the CAE shifter I have sitting in my Kitchen!! :smiley:
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  21. Haha I demand a video if that happens!
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  22. Got away with it, my clip arrived in the post yesterday, thanks to CAE at last!
  23. I want a video of you doing this buddy

    The group buy shifters have just arrived with K-Tec and out for delivery tomorrow :smiley:
  24. i wont be going ahead with the cae, decided to put my money into slicks and ap 6pot calipers, but good luck with the buy and fitting, I do think they look the dogs
  25. Can't disagree more. I have an R26r and not a Megane 3 but its absolutely essential imv if you are tracking car. the standard OEM cables are shiite and the CAE is also better than the short shift by Ktec. Its a stonking bit of kit with absolutely precise changes compared to oem. Well worth the cost.
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  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    MK3 is totally different so hardly fair to compare

    There's a cheaper alternative in the stage of proto testing just now. £650 and pretty much identical in terms off feel and shift to CAE
  27. I think the CAE is good it's just a lot of cash if you buy one new. I'm defo glad I had one and if my car was not a daily i'd defo have one again, I just don't want to mod the R as it'll devalue it.
  28. Fair enough if value is important to you. From my point of view, value/resale is not important. Car is modded already to be optimised for track because for me, how car drives for my purposes is the most important thing. And the CAE stops me getting missed shifts on the oem cables on fast tracks and fasts speeds ..
  29. Hmmm well I did buy one...actually from Lewis. Bit of a pain in the arse to fit but think I will really like it. First track day with it is tomorrow so looking forward to using it and getting a good feel. How do the rest of you rate yours?
  30. Absolutely loving mine

    I can understand people saying about the money, and sure if money is tight I wouldn't recommend it - but for the build quality it's great value.
  31. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    You must have a massively different perception of great value Phil

    I'd be shouting about them constantly if they were ~300 quid cheaper
  32. It was £800 - makes the car comfier to drive, is faster when you're pushing on, looks great, and will outlast the lifespan of the car

    My previous E46 M3 cost £900-1100 for a set of tyres that lasted 6 months. An oil change was £400

    To me it's great value but like I said everyone has different incomes and different budgets, so I can see why people think it's an expensive mod. In the world of french hatchbacks... it is!
  33. wouldn't spend £800 on it
  34. Mine was 650 in black from Lewis and as good as new...had a great time today on track with it. Pleased I got it but it was a bit of a treat
  35. Absolutely transformed mine. I use my car on trackdays a lot and its night and day difference on track when smooth accurate shifts are essential.
  36. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Best go tell some of the Ring spec cars that are running 7.4xs without one, maybe they will go 7 min flat
  37. Well yes. I know the previous owner of my car was Ring based(car is running 435hp) and he did do a 7:44 but I can assure you he did fluff a few gear changes along the way on many other attempts, as I have I since at tracks(not to mention gear cables coming loose etc) If you are into serious tracking then yes the CAE makes a big difference. Off to Dijon Prenois tomorrow for 2 days of tracking with car. Should be sweet!
  38. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    MK2s are a bit shit compared to the MK3 though. Like stirring a bowl of porridge.
  39. True. Which is why they make such a difference in MK2's
  40. Lumpy porridge....Haha. mk3s 're not the sweetest boxes I have used either.

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