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  1. Hi everyone went to have a look at an rs 250 a few days ago and now seriously looking into buying 1. As since passing my test I have always been a vauxhall man and i saw myself buying a vxr next but this has thrown me off and I have had no dealings with renault so I don't know what to expect. Can anyone advise me on common problems and things to look out for. Also I am undecided on colour I would like white but the Mrs prefers the grey what are your opinions.
  2. White cars are faster and they haven't really got any common problems, just check for usual things as you would with any car.
  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Swivel Joints and lower arm bushes are the main "common" issues to look for. Knocking and squeaking and vague steering/increased torque steer are the noticeable symptoms. Mine has suffered from both but i put that down to the amount of TD's i do in it so its to be expected.

    General things of rear and tear, Brakes/Tyres. They are very sensitive to tyres and track so make sure they have a good brand on.
  4. Had mine nearly 5 years from new and no major issues. I had a dashboard screen fail just after buying the car, but after that was sorted under warranty it's been problem free.

    Servicing is very reasonable too.

    As Jamie said, stick with good quality tyres (I like the Eagle F1 for road use), and get some upgraded pads and fluid if you're doing trackdays (I boiled the stock fluid on my first trackday, once I'd replaced it and put better pads it wasn't an issue anymore).
  5. Thanks for the feedback when I told my dad I was looking at a renault he tried putting me off them as back in the day when he used to be a mechanic he said they were riddled with problems but with a bit of research and your reviews I'm more happy to buy 1. I won't be using it on the track just a general daily driver
  6. You can't go wrong mate. Different league to the Astra H VXR and will leave the J standing on a twisty
  7. Been looking recently. All the ones I saw had no history or almost none. Check tyres and brakes. And consider if they have been cherished or just ragged. If in doubt walk away and be warned your search may take you a while!
  8. Ovy


    Pritty much what Jamie have said above. But the best thing about the megane rs is .......
    It won't spit it's gearbox all over the road if you give it a bit unlike the Vxr's seem to do!
  9. +1. My flat mates J VXR box went after 20k miles. Total new box needed... will probably pop again any day now. I think it's every 6 months it's supposed to completely break
  10. I would like to get 1 with fsh and carry it on as with a car costing 11k I want to make sure it's looked after. What are people's preference on colours?
  11. Don't get black ! My Audi is black and looks good for about a day then it's dirty again.
    When I was picking up my R26 at KTR sales there was a stunning red RS megane looked good in red
  12. white white white white white white white
    o r g a s m i c
  13. I want white Mrs wants grey. I see alot of the white 1s have the 18" black wheels fitted but I want the 19s
  14. Despite what's been said, black is in fact the best colour by far, looks meaner than girlie white!!!!
  15. ^ +1 and it's the fastest colour.
  16. My white girl is the sexiest thing ever, black is rubbish and doesnt show the shape off or accenuate the black trim on white curves. Black wheels and the red Brembos have every other person stopping for a look. Dont get 19's, spoil the handling.
    I sold my black RCZ after 6 weeks because they always look dusty, dirty, smeary and if you like a perfect finish it will drive you M A D
    Hate hate hate black
    And white look 20mph faster and its a proven fact of scientific research that white reflects light and therefore is much much faster. Black absorbs and saps strength.
    This was a party political broadcast on behalf of the white RS party.
    Hate black
  17. Oh dear, the insecurity of owning a white car surfaces again!!
  18. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    LOL at 19's spoiling the handling, They don't. The difference is negligible.

    If they were that bad why would Renault set their lap times on the 19's.......
  19. silver, best colour :wink:
  20. PAJ


    Had my RS250 for 3 years with no problems at all (it was 2 years old when I bought it, so just approaching it's 5th birthday).

    I opted for oyster grey - think it looks very classy and not quite as in-your-face as white or yellow (black looked a bit bland to me).

    I also got 19" diamond cut alloys as they look brilliant. They don't spoil the handling. I tried one with 18" wheels and then one with 19" wheels, and whilst the ride is a little firmer it's not overly firm (mine doesn't have the firmer Cup chassis, but then I don't use mine on the track either - it's just a bloomin' amazing car to get me to and from work!).

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