Buddy - First Megane RS 265

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Robert Budd, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Robert Budd

    Robert Budd RSM Club Member

    Hi all,

    In my fifties, always a car nut from my first car a 998 Austin Cooper , (took 6 weeks to roll& right off - my Dad was spitting bullets) to my old 'Shitfire' aka Spitfire in the drive.

    Found myself a stunning 265 , 2012 with 30k on the clock , just getting the Can belt done before I pick up and wanted some help who to go to for a LEVEL 1 ECU soft tune 300bhp approx. Also matts stickers etc , sado I know ......................

    Looked at a couple , intrested in the view out there - live in the South , New Forest.............. thanks, can't wait to get delivery , like being 17 again !
  2. Hi Robert and welcome
    Great car, get some pictures up asap, i bought my one in August.
    Planning a few mods in the future then going to EFI for the remap, not going down the hybrid route just yet.

    I am also in my 50's, mine is just for track day use and i'm loving it.

    Enjoy :laughing:
  3. Robert Budd

    Robert Budd RSM Club Member

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for coming back - no photos yet , delivery is in a week or so ............. cat on a hot tin roof ! I'll get some piccies up then. Its going to be pure road use at this stage hence any converts will be soft , but first drive was great , as i said bit like being 17 again ! I'll look up EFI ???

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