Breaking Megane 250

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by mrpink, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. pm'd
  2. Interior
    Cup ARB's
    interior plastis
    Headlining etc still available
  3. Hi mate. how much for the exhaust and airbox?
  4. Hi, if the front still hasn't gone, would you consider selling the DRL bits separately?
  5. Do you have the plastic trim that sits around the gear stick?
  6. is the gearbox sold yet?
    if not, price?
  7. Think I've replied to everyone?
    Drop me a pm if I've missed you.

    Liormy - gearbox has gone pal.
  8. Wheel arch linings? Nearside front?
  9. airbox?

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  10. Gone pal. Only thing plastic for the underside is the bumper undertray.
  11. Passenger side driveshaft??
  12. Sorry, only just seen this pal.
    Most of it went.

    Only have bits like the dash, plastics, roof liner, 1 rear light then pedals etc left

  13. Hi mate, has the engine gone?
  14. It has pal
  15. just checking, wheel arch liners gone ??
  16. I think they did. I am checking tomorrow for another member, but will post up if I still have them
  17. Could you check for a boot mat too please mate. Cheers
  18. The boot carpet with the hardboard in it?
  19. Do you have the steering squib?
  20. Did you sell the cup arbs?
  21. Yep this one mate!
  22. front carpets with RS logo ??
  23. Hello

    Do you have battery cover? Or the ecu cover?

  24. Sorry - no and no

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