Breaking Megane 250

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by mrpink, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Odinson- I don't have those bits pal,do have the parcel shelf you were after though?

    JWilliams - sorry only had standard lights, but they have gone also.

    Minchy - I think I'd buy new pal, they all seem to click on the coupes - maybe because the weight of the doors on them? I can have a look to see if I have one if you want, but theres a chance it could click.

    DoubleD - Sorry front bumper went whole.

    Bits left are approx:
    Interior trims
    Both pieces of front subframe
    Engine bay bits - Servo etc
    Steering column
    1 skirt
    Some arch trims
    Tailgate etc still here.
  2. Do you have leather centre arm rest?
  3. Has the engine cover gone yet ? Chris
  4. Nath - Sorry - cloth only

    CT - sorry that went a while ago
  5. Thanks mate, I'm not fussed on buying new the price for a new one is just ridiculous! Cheers
  6. rear subframe cost
  7. Johnson

    Johnson Banned

    How much for boot carpets?
  8. Just to let you know, mine clicked and Renault replaced them on warranty (it was literally the last week of it too). 2 and a half years later they're still fine, but I would expect them to go again eventually. I'd just get new ones if they're bothering you, though as you've pointed out, they're not cheap!
  9. Do you have the surround round the gear stick? The plastic?
  10. And drivers carpet if you still have it?
  11. MJ57, sorry pal its gone

    Johnson- which part? the main floor or the sides? (got them all here)

    Paul - Ill check condition of the plastic at the weekend, when you say drivers carpet, do you mean the whole floor carpet?
  12. Have you still got the box/diff and DMF? Cheers
  13. Interested in the interior trips for project work
  14. Johnson

    Johnson Banned

    Mr pink I'm after the main floor and sides
  15. Hi would you have a turbo actuator? Thanks
  16. Jimmy - Got the DMF and clutch which I was keeping as a spare for mine - pm me an offer though :smile:

    RMS - sorry went with the turbo.

    Others - have pad you :smile:
  17. Do you also have the gearbox?
  18. No, that went about 4 weeks ago
  19. Do you have the airbag squib? part number: 255670042r thanks
  20. I will check this weekend for you :smile:
  21. Please do mate. I'll come and get it I'm in birmingham
  22. Pm me a price for the engine please
  23. Any chance you have the boost pressure sensor on top of the inlet manifold at all mate ?
  24. L.maddern - engines gone pal.

    Nathan - sorry went on the engine.
  25. Did you manage to check on the interior parts of not had time?
  26. On it today :smile:
  27. Do you have passenger side headlight washer bottle?
  28. Do you have any of the callipers left? Also the gearstick trim?
  29. Odinson, I dont pal all the front bumper bits went together. I think there only available in pairs new too :worried:

    Smith, Callipers have gone, which bit of trim do you mean? I have both the silver piece and the centre console bits
  30. Ok no problem i mean the silver trim that goes around the gearstick at the very bottom near the cup holder if that makes sense?
  31. Hi Mrpink - Do you have the drivers side rear quarter lower trim / skirt bit? Just the short section
  32. Is there much left interior wise ?
  33. Mitch - sorry side rub strips went (both sides).

    TEV, most bits from the inside are left :smile:
  34. Is the handbrake lever assembly still available? Good condition? If so how much delivered please?

  35. Did you have the gaiter trim mr pink?
  36. Giles - I do have one, will check condition for you this weekend :smile:

    Smith - sorry thought I had PMd you - have PMd now
  37. Do you have the cigarette lighter
  38. I should do, are you after the push in piece or the electrical fitting piece from the dash?
  39. the push in piece
  40. Yes, found the lighter today :smile:

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