Breaking Megane 250

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by mrpink, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Guys I’m looking at breaking my 250 Cup which I had bought to repair but haven't had the time since. I had also purchased pretty much all parts to repair so its very much a full car.
    I’m giving you guys first shouts on parts before I put it on ebay etc..
    The car itself is Oyster Grey and has covered 17k form new, so as you’d image the seats are like new.

    Im looking at selling the front end as one (Silver bonnet, new Renault drivers wing, full yellow bumper with DRL and washer jets, pass wing in Oyster but needs a little repair and paint at the top by the hinge and the pair of headlights).

    I have a dash, airbags, doors, glass, mirrors, super interior seats, plastics, parcel shelf, Brembos, engine, LSD box, Turbo, Cat, exhaust, Cup suspension etc…

    Any Q’s please ask.
  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I know you probably want to sell it as one but i would take the washer jets/covers since some scumbag stole mine.

    How much would you want for the rear callipers as well?
  3. How much for the turbo?
  4. Would be interested in the rear diffuser & exhaust trim if all good?
  5. What seats does it have?
  6. 18" cup wheels up for grabs?
  7. Passenger side wing mirror assembly plus glass please if that's available. Also interested in the wheels.
  8. Think I've pm'd you all with details.

    The wheels are 19inch Steev. They are a bit scratched at the moment so was going to get them refurbed for sale. Obviously I could do them cheaper if you wanted to get them refurbed yourself.

    The seats are a nice black and grey clot. I can get get some pics of bits in a couple of days, so if anyone wants to see anything please ask.
  9. Ah that's what I already have on mine, no problem. Good luck in selling them, I'm sure someone will snap them up
  10. Sorry, I meant are they the Recaros or the sports seats?
  11. Sports - Not Recaros
  12. just pm'd you mate
  13. I may do a deal with upgrades?

    Im after a Forge (or similar) DV kit.
    Upgraded panel filter
  14. Do you have headlights? are they projectors or reflectors? been looking out for some projector headlights for a while.
  15. They are the normal ones pal. Im going to try it as one lot first with the rest of the front end.
  16. No probs :smile: only want projectors.
  17. Just tried to PM you mr Pink but your inbox is full!
  18. Got the front rs badge available?
  19. Sorry George i'll be leaving it on the bumper.

    I think they are about £32 on ebay though?
  20. No worries mate, wasn't sure if you was going to leave it on so thought I would ask
  21. Always worth asking :smile:
  22. how much for the turbo?
  23. Sorry, Turbo has sold,

  24. Have you got the DRL's, cup anti roll bar and springs? If so can you pm me price ect... Cheers
  25. Reg plate lights/holders
  26. Are the headlights the factory Xenons? If so very interested.

    PM me if possible
  27. Sorry - not projectors!
  28. Do you have the OBD cover for the dash? Mine snapped when removing it.....
  29. Sold
    Front Bumper
    Rad pack
    Reverse sensor loom

    Still loads of bits left!
    LSD gearbox
    Drivers airbag
    Full dash
    Front wings
    Arch extensions

    Just ask!
  30. Looking for the dash insert thats got renault sport on it on the passenger side
    How much please.
  31. Any chance of a few pics of the seats + price please?
  32. I would like the stereo surround , gear knob and gaitor.
  33. Hey buddy

    Tried sending you a PM but your inbox is full, I'm still looking for an OBD cover if you've still got one.

  34. The headlights are for sale?
  35. PM'd you all.

    Megane, sorry they have gone,

  36. Seat belt colour?
  37. They are black ones pal.
  38. Are the wheels still usable (e.g not buckled and able to hold a tyre to a usable pressure?)
  39. How much for the seats?
  40. N/S wing mirror base?

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