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  1. Firstly I'd like to start by apologising, I know this has been asked about a million times and I've read a lot on the forum with regards to this question

    Building an rs250 as a track toy with occasional road use.

    The car is fully stripped, everything that I don't need is gone, carpet roof lining you get the idea.

    Rear half cage
    Carbon kevlar bride seats
    So it's been on a diet.

    Running bc coilovers
    10kg front. 7kg rear

    Very little track experience so I'm looking for the best bang for back to get me into track days. Any info on what tyre pad combo to start with would be great.

    Currents brake set up is 355mm front rotors with hel braided lines and 660rbf

    Looking at setting the coilovers to 2.5 neg camber front and 1.5 neg camber on the rear

    Thanks in advance

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  2. I run carbon Lorraine cl8's and Federal 595rsr's on my 265, there not to everyone's taste.

    Best bang for your buck is get some tuition, best performance enhancement you can get

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