225 Brake pad options versus OEM

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  1. It seems the OEM front brake pads for a 225 and the rest of the mk2 RS range are currently made by Ferodo, which is kind of interesting given the braking system is designed and built by Brembo.

    Anyway, most people here seem to use some kind of performance brake pads, but if one just wants a good quality regular pad like the OEM ones, can we find experience on this matter here?

    OEM Ferodos are anywhere between £60 and £150 depending on where you buy.

    However, you can get Brembo P68 036 for significantly less.

    Also available for much less than OEM is Ferodo FDB1667.

    And even ATE 13.0460-4805.2 (sorry, no link but you can google it)

    ...my question is have any of you used any of these "quality brand regular pads" and tested how they perform? FWIW I'm not aiming at track days, just a better price alternative for OEM brake pads, which should be enough for street driving.
  2. Currently have pbs brakes on my r26. And so far they are impressive, I don't track but the initial bite and performance with some fast road driving is very good.

    Have used the ferido ds2500 in the past and the pbs don't produce as much brake dust as those.

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  3. Thanks.

    Nobody with experience on OEM alternatives, i.e. pads that are not marketed as performance upgrade pads?
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    OEM i used to get squeaking brakes but then i discovered PFC z rated and never look back, OEM used to get spongy on spirited drive, but PFCz give me a great confidence that my brakes wont fail and they stop the car even when hot.

    One thing though is i would get new pads and uprated brake fluid like RBF 600 from motul, i use personaly ATE type 200 really good and never gets too hot
  5. Thanks.

    While we're on the subject of brakes, can someone tell me how to get mr.Pink pins for the Brembo calipers if you still can get them? And how do you people like them, do they make things noticeably easier when changing pads?
  6. Everyone who has fitted them says they have never had a problem getting them out.he used to have a advert in the “for sale” section on here.i will check the Facebook page for you
  7. Yeah look in for sale section,about 3rd page,a thread about mr pinks pins
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  8. Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

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