250 Brake cooling ducts

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  1. Tufts of wool sounds amazing, some visualization paint would be a dream come true :hearteyes:
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  2. Double post
  3. So where the bonnet meets the windscreen in most modern cars is actually a high pressure area. Lift the rear bonnet hinges and it will be sucking air in rather than extracting.

    Stagnation is actually a result of very high pressure. Place an opening or a duct in a high pressure zone and that is where the air will want to go. Turbulent or dirty air comes from separation and is mostly found at the rear of the car. Wheel arch pressure is actually low in modern cars. So when you have a pressure differential such as; high pressure at the front of the car (duct opening) and low pressure in the wheel arch (brake calliper) then the brake duct will be working.

    Julian Edgar has lots of videos about this. Here's one as an example:
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  4. That is the exact effect that i would be aiming for!

    The idea is to get some air INTO the rear of the engine bay to help remove some of the heat from the turbo etc.
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  5. The 250 gets so hot. Honestly I too have been considering the same thing!! Bonnet raisers. Idk How well they'd work on the Meg. As the bonnet isn't like 182s it hides the wipers under.

    Brake ducts did alright on first track day. Only on one wheel though. The other got shreded
    Back to drawing board on that one. I have new discs and pads to go on to
  6. If that actually works, great! I suppose the only way to see if it works is test.

    My assumption though would be that you’re forcing and reversing air flow against the under bonnet air flow.
  7. Afternoon boys, long time lurker, literally never post.....
    But i've been doing some kits for the mk2 Meg's and mk3 Clios.
    I did briefly look at trying to model something around the DRL units, but I guess that would be way too small so far as having any practical benefits?
  8. I ran mine that sat under the body.
    They did a good job keeping the brakes cooler. But didn't stay on the car long, knocked the drivers side off but that was 2" holes that forced air in.
  9. What a pain :tearsofjoy:

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