250 Bonnet rattle

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Coopz21x, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Annoying rattle from my bonnet when its closed.... is this just a Renault quirk or is there a fix? Rubbers can't be adjusted either.

  2. Had this on mine a while ago. Check if you aren't missing these two rubbers under the bonnet by the logo - they were missing on mine, and the rattling was infernal:
  3. Checked and i do have them.
  4. Yep had that issue, got couple of rubber backing pads and screwed to bottom where bonnet meets car (not sure correct name for them lol). So fukin annoying hitting every bump but once fitted all sorted
  5. on mine it was bad. i got black flagged at cadwell because they thought it was open lol. i removed the bonnet hoop.the bracket on the bonnet and put it in a big vice and slowly kept squashing it for want of a better word. and now its mint. but only needed a little to tighten it up.basically deforming the hoop very slightly
  6. if still got guard plate fitted can remove and should allow bonnet to close couple more mm snugger

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  7. I think mine has been removed already... not 100% il check tomorrow.

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