BMW Daily E39 Touring, talk to me...

Discussion in 'Other Automotive Brands' started by Naith, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    Reete, the 172 will be going. I have roughly £1500 and the BMs are doing it for me. I originally wanted a 530d but apparently the mpg is shite, so if i went diesel it would be 525d.

    However the petrol engines seem to return decent mpg and the 6 cyl burble is addictive so i've been told...

    To be honest I'm stuck. I know i want M Sport packs but alot of it can be bought separately and cheap on ebay, and most SE's come with the msport steering wheel anyway.

    Apparently the autos are meant to be avoided like the plague, how much of this is true I dont know...

    Anyway, anyone owned one? I have a big urge to sit in one with msport parts, wooden trim, leather, xenons, tow bar and cruise around like an old man with loads of crap in the back!!!


    Click on the above, FIT.
  2. Daz


    Wooden trim? Reaaaally?

    The rest sounds good mind. I'd be going for a petrol manual myself. Like you say I think I would be going for the best condition one I could find then adding anything it's missing at a later date.
  3. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    Yeh i think it'll have to be manual, wooden trim, yeh i dunno, unless i can get it low and mean it'll look silly. a 525d msport manual would be nice, in silver..

    Or a 530i in black with tints, mean.
  4. Daz


    My uncle bought a 525 not long ago... I think I'd rather have that over a 3 series but they're bloody big!
  5. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    good :smile: barge size for me please
  6. Daz


    More wood too...
  7. Mates just bought a 330d touring as a daily smoker. Blue, tan leather, wood etc. Only paid a couple of G's for it. 30+ mpg round town, high 40s on a run.

    Cracking buy tbf poppa :smile:
  8. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    Nice! What he pay chris? Any pics?
  9. I think he only paid something saft like 1800 quid, its a minter. Iv got a couple pics on my phone somewhere, ill post them up when u finish work son :smile:

    We are taking it to TOTB this weekend, the panzer wagon session Mobile lol
  10. Go for the diesel. It's never going to be a racecar so I'd rather have better economy and use it as a daily barge, happy in the knowledge that you've got TDK at home for thrills and spills.
  11. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

  12. Here's the beast Naith


  13. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    thats fit!!!! E46s are usually alot more than that.
  14. Ill quiz him on it this weekend mate and find out more details. Its not an m sport so has just got standard seats, its lowered in the pics aswell.

    I may have the price wrong but it was defo a bargain buy.
  15. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    easy to retrofit msport mind.
  16. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Loving that blue one above! And I'm not a fan of estates.
  17. Yea easy swap mate. The standard seats am abit too flat but should be pretty comfy :smile:
  18. A diesel model defaults the point of cheap car imo, several rather expensive possible problems that would wipe out any (neglible) mpg savings. The autos are ok I believe as long as they've been kept on top of but again in a cheap car why bother with the risk.
  19. The 5 series is a nice car, it's worth driving as many as you can before you commit though.
  20. Daz


    ^^ that e46 above is really nice but it's begging for a decent set of alloys on it.
  21. Its on the cards Daz :wink: I really like those Wheels tbh but my mate will change them soon.

    Naith, I had a chat with him over the weekend. He paid 2500, fag etc. Really nice condition. Did 47 mpg cruising up to York.

    There is 2 pre-emptive things he's done, blank off some flaps and blank off the egr valve. He did it himself but said it would only cost about 200 quid max and a BMW specialist. Other than that they am rock solid on reliabilty. He knows his stuff aswell so did a lot of research before buying this :smile:
  22. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    thats the swirl flaps yeh they break off and kill engines... Still defo want an e39.... going to look at one today but it'll be a month minimum before i can commit.
  23. That's the ones mate, you no me and technical malarkey lol.

    Good luck on the hunt for the pimped up panzer wagon :smiley:

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