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Blyton Park - 4th November

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Pyper, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Javelin track day, is anyone else going to this by any chance? I know it's a pretty stupid time of year for it but I'm hoping it will be dry.
  2. Stupid GDPR rules mean that Javelin no longer list all the other types of cars that are signed up to each day .
  3. Stupid GDPR rules mean that Javelin no longer list all the other types of cars that are signed up to each day .
  4. Going to avoid Javelin track days in the future, as the last ones i have been on there were too many race cars in attendance, don't get me wrong i don't mind a couple, but when 50% of the cars at the track day are race teams it spoils the day, for me anyway.
  5. Gold track are the same, its just a race car test day. I've not had too many race cars on the Javelin days I've been to.
    Just be nice to get back on track once car is sorted.
  6. I’ll be there
  7. Ah great, I'll look forward to seeing you. I just pray it's dry, every time I look at the weather forecast it seems to get worse! Our cars in blue always look great in pictures so it will be nice to see one in person for once.
  8. Sorry mate wasn’t being blunt I put an emoji but it’s not shown up.
    Yeah if anything this is my first time out in the Meg, done blyton a few times in different cars (my old Z4 Coupé, 328i track car and an F80 M3) so for me it’s just a test day getting used to the car before donnington in a few weeks. Coming over with a mate who has a TT track car and some of his mates.

    The weather on iphone says rain but looks a bit better on the bbc but we will have to see. Was only £99 tho so should still be good for the money. Have you done blyton before? It’s nothing spectacular but one of closest for me and can still be fun too
  9. No worries, no I've never done Blyton before. It's supposed to be alright but yeah I was loving the cheap price.

    Out of interest, what tyres are you running in yours?
  10. Only hankook v12s at moment, Lloyd put 4 on only a month before I got it off him. Wouldn’t be my choice for track but for road and wet they’re good. Looking to get some track tyres ready for next year as wasn’t planning on doing anymore days this year but booked 2 lol
  11. Well I'm on a pretty new set of AD08R's that haven't been driven in anger yet, so if it does rain and I venture out, you will be running rings around me!

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