265 Black vinyl wrap door handles.

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Superfly, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. 64460656-B1FE-4375-A086-89CEF958743D.jpeg 4E81BA80-7EAE-4430-9099-BFB3C1FBA8EB.jpeg CE86393B-8C93-4DD5-BF69-E3F875CBC346.jpeg 2E071040-DCAA-4D90-BF69-86023AB60925.jpeg 2E071040-DCAA-4D90-BF69-86023AB60925.jpeg 63ABC927-FE0F-4690-8485-7B79BEF6710E.jpeg E6D22032-08B2-44A7-BD9C-09CEDCE88BD1.jpeg 402C2759-B7D9-4F2A-B4FB-6C7B16090C2F.jpeg 654647A3-771A-42CF-BA53-C9340710FADD.jpeg 2B330753-52C6-4882-BFFF-320BBA0FD002.jpeg After seeing some YouTube vids I decided to give the door handle wrapping a go, much easier when you can remove the handle completely.
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  2. Do you not need to remove the door cards to have access to the handles?

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