Black 265 trophy - £11,000

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by James265trophy, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. 425BD2DA-5352-492B-886F-3A9E0A9C6ACB.jpeg 265 trophy for sale
    62k miles
    Airtec intercooler
    Sports cat with ktec cat back
    Rs tuning remap
    Forge recirc valve
    H&R springs
    Vibratechnics lower mount
    PF Z rated pads
    Oz alleggerita with pilot sport 4 tyres
    Recaro pole positions
    Cup s alcantara steering wheel, and gaiters.
    Very clean car, message for more info.
    More photos to follow.
  2. Offers welcome, In no rush to sell.
  3. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Still needs a price.....
  4. £11k
  5. Work done In the last 12000 miles or so.
    New thermostat.
    New spare key (only one when I bought the car)
    Discs and pads all round.
    Brake fluid flush.
    Clutch pipe replaced.
    Spark plugs.
    2 oil changes with millers nano drive and genuine filters.
    New drop links.
    Pollen filter.
    Cambelt and water pump.
    Probably missed some things, this excludes modifications.
  6. Nice car!! What gear knob is that?
  7. Sorry to be slightly off topic but how do you rate the pole positions over the recaro cs seats. I think do I take them out my trophy but then I'm not sure if it's worth it. Are the seat runners also fixed in place.
  8. Thanks, it’s off a Laguna gt.
  9. I prefer the pole positions as they are lower and your not worrying about bolster wear all the time. I have mine on runners so they still move but it’s pretty hard to get in the back though.
  10. What runners did you use.

    Pretty rare a black trophy, wasn't it 20 black and 30 liquid yellow which made up the 50 that came to the uk.
  11. Not sure what the runners are as they came with the seats. There was 12 black and 38 yellow I think.

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