Birmingham Renualt Main Dealer Shocking

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  1. Morning People
    Just thought I would share my terrible experience with you lot and give you the heads up on Main dealer Birmingham (Digbeth)
    Anyway on my 3rd RS now 230n F1, 265 Cup, And now the 275 cup S 65plate,
    Got the car from this dealer with 700miles on the clock, 6 Months ago.
    I have had issues with this dealer with my old 265 cup 2012 plate.
    Regarding warranty issues, Temp sensor playing up took them 2 visits and a test drive to find the issue?
    Release bearing worn and noisy again 2 bookings to get anywhere. Bearing in mind it takes 2-3weeks to book a car in.
    So lets move on to 2016 and I take delivery on my 2nd hand but mint 275 cup S,700miles,
    Great car and one of the last in the shape,

    1st issue (Weeks after having the car)
    Was and still is the R Link has a mind of its own and every few weeks it just goes on one buzzing at full volume with the R Link on or off. Once we was on the M6 driving along and Boom Its on one again, Even turning engine off and locking the car the R Link still stays on.
    I have video footage of this and sent it to Birmingham.
    They cant find an issue? To this day!

    2nd issue (2 months in)
    Idling lumpy,
    Ive spoke to Paul at RS tunning as he has done work on my 2 previous RS,s
    He said the cup s needs an update on the ecu the dealer will do this and problem solved?
    Again been booked in and Birmingham say its normal for the lumpy idling.

    3rd issue (4 months in)
    Release bearing getting noisier, After a good drive the bearing is rattling and making a racket,
    Again booked in and its normal according to there experts!

    So I'm (6 months in)
    None of above has been sorted but that's not the issue.
    The attitude of the staff is the worse ive ever had.
    The number 1 is a short over weight lady I forgot her name but I had a chat with her yesterday regarding my on going issues and she replied with,
    The R Link issue, She needs the car and one of her staff will have to use the car daily until the noise appears? I said love it may take a day or 20 days for the r link to have another fit?
    She replied well that's the ONLY way we are going to find the issue?
    I kindly but shocked replied I have 3-4 vids of the car making the noises from the r link are they not enough evidence to warrant a new unit?
    She said NO if she changes the r link and it does not rectify the issue I will be billed the price of the r link and the labour?
    I'm sure I'm not the only customer who has an issue with the woman her attitude is shocking.

    So now I'm in talks with Lee the manager of service the car is booked in tomorrow for the 3 above issues.
    The Rs is a cracking car and I'm considering getting the 2017 RS but the service at Digbeth is the worse ive ever experienced.
  3. Without wishing to sound harsh, the dealer is right in that they need to see the evidence of the fault themselves in order to help you here. They really aren't going to change anything if they can't replicate the fault, and a video you supply won't do it. In one sense, it's better for you if the problem gets worse. Intermittent faults can be a real pain.

    This is how business work. Nobody will go 100% on a customers say-so, no matter what the business is.

    Good luck mate - they are a fantastic car (when working correctly :grinning:)
  4. Autoworld are shocking too. Part of the same group at Willenhall. It's been nearly three months and two visits to sort out a cam belt pulley rattle and as of yet not fixed it.. Done everything bar change the Cam belt and the tensioner and water pump. They are avoiding doing it like the plague. 6 week wait for a courtesy car and they never phone to let you know you can pick. The car up or if it's fixed. It's an hour out of. My way to. Get to them as well. It took two visits and 8 weeks to replace a faulty card reader and card on the r-link...
  5. Just an update... 12 months on and rattle still there apparantly now this is 'normal'. other problems to report in two weeks time with gearbox crunching and vibration at idle.. oh joy..
  6. I have been waiting on parts from Renault for 11months and every week I get a message saying there is no time frame for delivery.
    Never buy a Renault again

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