Big Uno's R26 Project / Engine Build

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Big Uno, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. EFI would be my choice.
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  2. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Out of interest and if you dont mind me asking, what are the reasons?
  3. Chris is a brilliant tuner and he's local to me :tearsofjoy:
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  4. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Have to say I completely agree.
  5. Are you on a standalone ecu?
  6. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Original Sagem.
  7. Ktec mapping it?:tearsofjoy:
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  8. Wouldn't let them map me a route on Google :tearsofjoy:
  9. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader


    No they declined actually... this turbo is definitely sorting the men from the boys.
  10. Surely you're having it mapped by the master..... Paul at RS Tuning?!

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  11. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    :yum: Im keeping that a secret for now. Did I say it was being mapped on the 9th??
  12. Don't think you did mate. I'm excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear the results!

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  13. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Or me :tearsofjoy: dont know if I want to watch :smile:

    So just changed the oil for the first time, oil is fairly clean slight smell of fuel but expected really running in and running slightly rich, now ran 300 miles, it was quite thin at 0-20, now switched over to 5-40.

    Had the filter apart, probably took longer than swapping the oil, would have tried a can opener but the mrs would kill me :tearsofjoy:
    Anyway, the main thing is nothing enexpected inside, no goodies at all infact. Saw one or two minute pieces of metal only throughout.

    All thats really left to do now is decide on my rising fuel pressure rate, and potentially fit a oil catch can :smile: not sure if I have hose suitable though to hand.

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  14. You found all that in the oil, i'd be concerned.:tired:
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  15. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    No thats whats left of the filter :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  16. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Other people are just as good, if not better....
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  17. ???????

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  18. Just as good? Ok, probably. Better?! Who do you recommend?

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  19. EFI Parts, Engine Dynamics.
  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    As above, in that order.

    Ill be going down to see Chris at EFI eventually to maximise my current setup
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  21. Where are they based?

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  22. EFI is Runcorn in the North West.

    Engine Dynamics is Colchester in Essex.
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  23. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    I did call around to quite a few well known companies and only two seem confident in tuning mine. As I said this set up has sorted the men from the boys.

    Dont want to turn this into world war 3 here as everyone is entitled to an opinion, what do people base a tuners skill on? As to see what they really know and can do with a file, you would know enough to be doing it for yourself. Peak power? Area under the line? What they tell you? Engine faults or blow ups? Drivability?

    Much of what seems to be the limiting factor here is understanding what tables are doing what in the OE file...and I would imagine the only people who know what all of them are doing work for Renault. But anyone good will have whats needed figured out to tune.
    Any half decent tuner can bang a load of timing, fuel and boost on, and make you more power, but its the time and care they take into making the engine run at its best while taking as little risk as possible...

    The attitude of the tuner is most important for me. Im quite good at judging what they know through general conversation :smile: and I have been to both my candidates to see for myself.
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  24. Very well said brother!

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  25. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Cheers :sunglasses:

    As for Engine Dynamics, I have made quite a few purchases, and spoken to Andy a fair bit, we did talk about tuning and he very openly explained why he wouldnt want to, which I do understand. I have a lot of respect for that he was honest. Heard good things about his work on hybrids though and can only recommend him for his knowledge and service on parts.
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  26. As you said..........
    Which is exactly why I personally will stick with Paul at RS. He's obviously extremely knowledgeable, been doing it for years, very well thought of, and a smashing guy. There's bound to be other excellent tuners out there, I don't doubt that at all, but having had a lot of work done by RS, followed by Paul spending quite a while mapping it, I'll stick with them due to being extremely happy with the results! Even if I have to drive 300+ miles to get there! And Leeds is a cracking city too! Thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days up there, and to top it all.....the beer is cheap!

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  27. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    I also phone Andy @ Engine Dynamics and after telling him all the mods i have he also said he would prefer not to do my mapping, he explained why and i excepted that, i give him the greatest respect for that, i have also bought parts from him and will do in the future if needed.
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  28. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Well i hope you are happy with that decision, i for one am not, there was an issue with my car after a visit.
    The last visit my map i was told gave me 310 hp, should have been a lot more, there was lots of excuses for the lack of power, but it didn't feel any better on the way home in fact it felt worse, i then booked into another mapper and asked for a power run to start with, that showed that it was running quite lean, strange that it only showed 260hp not the 310hp that RS told me.
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  29. And who was the secondary mapper?!

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  30. Ooooooooh!!!! Maybe you expected too much from your set up????!!!!! I've since had mine on another Dyno, and it made more than previously suggested!!! SHIT HAPPENS! ,[emoji16]

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  31. Maybe you're engine wasn't up for what you expected out of it?! Simples!!!!!!!!

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  32. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]

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  33. ?

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  34. Once again.....who mapped it?

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  35. I'm going to guess Chris at EFI Parts

    I've also have a bit of experience with both RS Tuning and EFI Parts. I bought my R26 last September and it had been modified by its previous owners and had been running a K-TEC map since 2015. The cars mods are fairly standard (K-TEC induction kit and 3" turbo back exhaust, 630cc injectors and Forge intercooler) but the power delivery wasn't as good as I thought it should be and my fuel gauge and trip computer didn't work correctly as they hadn't been scaled correctly for the larger injectors. Being new the the Renault scene and looked online and saw that RS Tuning were the go-to tuners and living up in Newcastle there are only 1hr and a half down the road from me. I emailed them some questions about my current set up and issues asking what they recommend but I just got back a generic reply with the costs for doing a remap. I was quite disappointed by the reply but since I occasionally work in Leeds I decided to call in and see them in person. Unfortunately again all I got was a generic reply by the lady on the reception and no one was available to talk to me (the unit quiet and no mapping was in progress). Again I left disappointed and just felt like they weren't interested.
    After that I looked into alternative tuners and EFI Parts kept getting mentioned. I emailed Chris the exact email I sent to RS Tuning and within a couple of days I got back a detailed reply going over every point and question I had asked. Couple that with the fact they are open on a Saturday and are cheaper than RS Tuning I decided to drive 3hrs + down to Runcorn to get the works done.
    I met Chris at his unit a 9am and we got the car on the dyno to check the K-TEC map. He found it to be OK but far from great even though it was making good power. I then left him to do his magic and the results were great. The car is soo much better to drive and I now a have working fuel gauge and trip computer. I'll let the before and after dyno graph do the talking:

    Would I have got similar/better results at RS Tuning? Who knows, possibly but the customer service from EFI Parts was on another level compared to what I got from RS Tuning so that's where my money went
  36. I can't comment on the specifics of this, as I have no experience with either tuning company, but it is one of my biggest bugbears with the aftermarket industry more widely, especially the motorsport side, which I'm quite heavily involved in. If I had a quid for every time I have contacted a tuner/supplier for information and their response has been inadequate, I would be a rich man. I understand that some people don't like emails and that they probably get a lot of time wasters, but it does irritate when you ask legitimate questions which could lead to them getting work and they simply don't respond, or respond with a generic unhelpful email. I know responding to emails can be boring and it might be difficult to answer certain questions without having a proper conversation, but not putting in sufficient effort from the start sets a bad tone and instantly puts off a potential customer. At least explain the basics and suggest calling them, as it would be easier to explain over the phone.

    Sadly, the car business isn't very good at customer service generally though, so this sort of thing is not uncommon.
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  37. Been over to see this being mapped, made very good power.

    I'll let Karl reveal all.
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  38. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Ok so this morning I fitted my 80lb injectors and 3bar regulator, plumbed the manifold / fuel pressure adjuster to allow for a 1:1 fuel ratio in relation to manifold vacum / pressure and fuel pressure.
    New map sensors also fitted to allow me to run over 1.5bar :smilingimp: I think you all know where this post is going now :sunglasses:

    Couple of final checks... of course...


    And as you probably guessed, here she is on the dyno for the first time...



    Ignore the bumper hanging off slightly :tearsofjoy: lets say my fitting and cosmetic skills are not quite as good as my engine skills :tearsofjoy:

    Anyway on to the part you probably wanted to see following about 10 months of me talking about it and posting half a million photos...

    But firstly I want to make something clear, who I have decided to use for calibration is not up for debate, as I said everyone is entitled to an opinion and picking EFI is not in any way a crack at anyone else.. I decided to use Chris as I felt he suited my needs best, and following his work I still believe I made the right decision... anyway..

    So after a couple of runs and playing around, the car has finished running 23.8psi, or just over 1.5bar, we are fully spooled at around 3700rpm and holding boost incredibly well as ecpected from this turbo running this flow on a 2litre.
    The turbo is not being pushed and is capible of more boost, but doesnt mean that is the best way to run it.


    And of course the final figure that everyone has been guessing :smile:


    We finished with peak power at 430.1hp with extremely smooth delivery.
    Peak torque at 360.7 and again holding accross the majority of the upper range with very minimal tail off.

    This was not the maximum that was made, believe it was around 338hp with around the same torque. However backed timing advance off slightly to help reduce any chance of knock.
    I am really really happy with the result and it is more or less exactly what I expected. Its fairly rare people seem to leave a dyno run happy so I think it has been a really good day!! :sunglasses:
    We think the next step to increase the power would likely be a change of cams, with increased duration / overlap. As this is likely the main limiting factor to make even more power.
    Intercooler also working very well with charge temperatures raising up to only 38centigrade in 26centigrade ambient!

    Many thanks to everyone who has helped me get the car to where it is now! Especially @ianplymouth for a rediculous amount of time and help!
    And thanks to @JamesBryan for taking the time to come and spectate! Appreciated! Top lad!
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  39. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Awesome figures and graph! How does it drive in the road? Looks very progressive and linear which is what you want on a fwd car
  40. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Havnt really had that much of a chance to find out yet :tearsofjoy: half way home stuffing my face with Burger King :tearsofjoy:
    Not been right up the rev range yet, got to around 5krpm, too much traffic. But from what I can feel it does go well :tearsofjoy:
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