Best H4 Bulb's for Megane 225 Lux

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  1. My dipped beam headlight's have allways been poor. But I've had a MOT Today ( Passed :smile: ) . and the alignment check and that it fine just got low light intensity. my Meg runs H7 bulb's for the dipped beam. so what bulb's are your fella's using ?

  2. Have you got the projector headlamps? If so it will be hard to get a bulb that will give you good vision

    A lot of people rate the night eye bulbs. I have some myself but yet to fit

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  3. Is it poor light output, or damaged (stone chipped) lenses causing the light to be reflected in different angles?

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  4. Yep it got projector headlamps. It's a Ph2.
  5. The projector will always kill a bit of light. Look good though

    I've got osram clear blue intense on my daily and they are pretty decent. Dont bother with the Philips race ones as they dont last long

    I'd say HID if you want proper brightness or the night eye bulbs

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  6. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    It's a H7 in the Ph2 meg, not a H4.

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