Best base megane for track work?

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  1. I only ask as I see a few people modifying big spec factory cars.

    Renault even built cars like cup-s with zero spec other than a lsd so you could buy cheap and change everything.

    So when you see people buying cars with ohlins and recaros only to remove them? Is this because they did not intend to modify to that extent or the value of these high value parts on the used market? So you can strip and sell to recoup cost of track focused mods.
  2. Megane r26 f1 all day long but grab one quickly as there getting rare lsd,recaros better brakes an suspension than a 225 an loads more road feedback than anything else in its class and any of the later meganes limited power until forged but ive got a stock block 290bhp car now that is perfect imo had a 370bhp forged r26 before an id say this puts power down better an is more fun per £££
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  3. I've always thought the 'Best of...' type discussions to be very subjective, what might be best for you isn't necessarily best for someone else. I'll give you an example:

    I bought the cheapest RS250 I could find, I didn't care about spec, etc because I knew I was going to be replacing a vast majority of it - interior stripped out, suspension replaced, brakes upgraded. I only really cared that it was strong in the places I needed it to be and it met my budget. For me, it is the best Megane I could afford.

    The flip side of this is my good friend who also bought a Megane. He searched high and low for the perfect spec, condition, miles, service history, etc. His cost 3-4 times the price of mine. It is the best Megane for him.

    So if I'd found an RS250 with Ohlins and recaros, I probably would strip them off and sell to recoup and put what I want to on it. Whereas my friend would keep them as he prefers a more OE approach.

    To summarise, I think if all budget and condition are probably higher priorities before spec - therefore people are buying the one that might not be 'best' to them but then making it their image of 'best'.
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  4. Words of wisdom right there!

    I paid a thousand pound for my 225, it's absolutely battered but I've replaced pretty much everything mechanical anyway. I could've spent 3 or 4 times more but in reality, all I'd end up with is a better looking shell which I really couldn't care less about.

    If I could turn back time I wouldn't have bought the megane and gone for a Lamborghini instead, will probably work out cheaper in the long run :tearsofjoy:
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  5. Hey, if we all had time machines we'd have very different lives. I remember chucking thousands and thousands into my first car and it was still a Fiesta! Not quite enough to buy a Lamborghini but definitely enough to buy something better.

    I'm in the same school of thinking as you, I prefer a lower entry point into something I'm going to batter round a track and across Europe. Then should something unfortunate happen, I'm not financially ruined and able to learn from my mistakes.
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  6. It's all subjective and relative to each person.

    If you want something that looks really nice and is in great condition then you will pay more.

    When I was younger I had Alfa romeo's, great looking cars and I was forever keeping them clean and tidy but the megane is a different kind of tool!
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  7. Most of the time when I see people removing the Ohlins it's because they need rebuilding every 40,000km and it's not cheap, so some just sell them and bolt on a brand new set of fully adjustable coilovers. The Ohlins are a quality bit of kit though.

    If you're wanting a Megane as a project, I echo Eddie's comments above. Get an older model with solid history and use the money you saved by buying an older Meg on upgraded parts and turn it into exactly what you want.
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