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Bedford trackday. Open pit. 10 Dec Monday 89 quid

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Cazper, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. IMG-20181117-WA0002.jpeg Ian Mark and me have booked anyone else going?

    It is the GT circuit
  2. Looking forward to getting back there again, it's been a while
  3. I've just booked this too, although I won't be in the Megane as I'm getting it ready for sale (sad times) so I'll be in an M3 track car....hopefully you boys will still speak to me!! lol
  4. See you there, its looking like it will be dry, come and introduce yourself.
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  5. Excellent see you there
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  6. I’ve got a set of 18”RS225 alloys that I used for slicks if anyone is interested in them? The slicks are knackered & the wheels aren’t very tidy but they arent buckled or anything, I’m after £100 & I can bring them tomorrow...??

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  7. I’m there - white R26.
  8. Well that was an education. My first track day in a R26 and I was twelve seconds a lap quicker than I was in an F10 M5. There was a list of cars I considered buying before settling on the R26 and I think I overtook nearly all of them today.

    Nice to meet you Cazper and Ian. Sorry I missed you Flynny.
  9. Hi Steve
    Good to meet you today, great choice with the r26, its a great feeling to pass so called performance cars.

    Cant think of anything that passed me today :laughing::laughing:

    Keep an eye out on here as Chris and i put up the tracks we are going too
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  10. Flynny, great to meet you today as well
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  11. And you mate, what times were you getting round in in the end?
  12. I think my best (looking at the video's ) was about 2m 56s,
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  13. Forgot to set my phone after lunch with Harry's lap timer :neutral::neutral:
  14. Is IKA you on Harry's? I'm Mat on Harry's, managed quickest of the day on there with a 121kg passenger......just before I got binned for the old Bimmer being too noisy!!! I guess 8000rpm makes a bit of a racket :blush::blush:
  15. I am not sure, but my initials are IKA, how do i check :openmouth:
    Chris got a warning and he was only 84db at test, mine was 81db :cry::cry:
  16. in the morning session i had a 2.59
  17. If you go in to Analysis in Harry's, then Lap List, you can then see all your laps, if you tap on one of your laps it will take you in to analyse that lap and you will see Hall of Fame on that page, tap that and it brings up the Hall of Fame for the track you were on, with the last track day that was there first...
    Yeah, mine made 84.9 in the morning at the static test and then is meant to have been 88.7 drive by when I got binned....they had held out the noise board a few times in the morning so I was taking it easy most of the day, keeping the revs down etc, but when my mate turned up later on I had to give it the beans.....my ego couldn't take driving round slowly!!! :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
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  18. What did you manage in the bimmer, it looked quick and noisy :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  19. 2.45 on a fairly busy lap....
    Does it sound loud then??? I've never heard it of course!!!
  20. More of a scream from where i was standing in the pits :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  21. Was the guy with the noise board the guy on the bank on the tight corner just before the long straight?
    He gave me the noise board in the morning which pissed me off a bit as never had that before. I did 84 db on the noise test but was probably at 3600 rpm as I was raising the revs slowly and before I got to the revs he wanted he said yep all good haha. He was on his own. The car seemed to get louder as the day went on so after the noise board I was changing up early and using half throttle as didn't want to get kicked off either. Kinda put a bit of a damper on the day but still enjoyed myself. I believe the back box packing is disintergrating so need to sort that out.
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  22. Yes lets see some vids please.
  23. If you're talking about the blue BMW with the big rear spoiler then yes, it very does.

    +1 on the videos
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  24. Here you go then, first out in the morning, damp to start with and not been there for over two years,

    Going to make a video of the best bits as well
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  25. Yeah, I think they have a few with noise boards, I got noise boards there and again at the chicane at the end of that straight, then later got the "No Drifting" sign as well....Bedford is a good track, but a bit of a pain....
  26. Nice videos Ian, is that Black Mk II somebody from here?
  27. Yep, that’s me!
  28. Yes it is he's called Chris cant remember his forum title :cry:

    Should have read all the posts first :angry:
  29. yep the fun police were out in force....tinkers
  30. I was having fun and no police, nearly though at the end of the first video :openmouth:

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