250 Battery in the boot

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  1. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Going to be getting a catch can so need to free up some room in the engine bay. Has anyone moved their battery to the boot and if so what kit did you use?
  2. I did in my 225, ran two 35mm cables through the big gromit behind the air filter, along the door still under the strip and battery in the wheel well.
    Can't do it on mine as i need the wheel well to store the 4th wheel.
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  3. Kinda where mines heading, behind pax seat actually as it’s so tiny
  4. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Is the gromit there on the 250? Can't check as mine's in the shop at the moment!
  5. i presume so, as that how they get the wires though from the ecu for the rest of the car.
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  6. think all 250 have hole there EXCEPT yours Charlie, the hole is on drivers side so you'll have to run cables over the turbo
  7. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Hmm, that seems like a brilliant idea thanks I'll make sure it's touching the turbo!
  8. I'm thinking of putting the battery in the boot. Has anybody got terminals under the bonnet if you can't open the boot because the battery has died? I'd just like to understand the set up a bit better
  9. Got the battery in the boot of my R26. Can get in the car through the passenger door if the battery dies and either access the battery in the boot by folding the seats down or opening the bonnet to access battery cable connectors there and using a spare battery or jumper cables to open the boot. At least some of Matte's MK2 battery relocation kit post is probably relevant to a mk3.
  10. My 197 has the battery in the boot, and if it failed, I can use the key from the key fob, to open the door.I also fitted a cut off switch, for extra security.i believe there is a kit for battery relocation, but its just as easy to buy cable/terminals/cut off switch, from eBay.
  11. I have been looking at this over the last few days with the battery, battery box and filter housing removed it looks to me like there is room to move things around. The ECU can be rotated 90 deg so it sits parallel with the passengers side wing with no wiring mods. The fuse assy can also be rotated by 90 deg to also run parallel with the passengers side wing it does need a couple of the power cables shortened but that's easy enough. Once that's done a tray can be made to mount the battery (may need to be slightly smaller) with the battery moved towards the bulkhead next to the brake master cylinder pretty much where the air filter housing was fitted. A catch can could then be fitted fwd of the battery with an induction kit plumbed in and fitted in front of the catch can. Will need to fabricate mounts etc for the battery, ECU and fuse assy but not that difficult.
  12. you only need to run one cable to the battery if you locate to the boot - the negative can be just long enough to attach to the chassis in the engine bay.

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