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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Jambo87, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Cars due back from bodyshop this week after some twat side swiped me on a roundabout. Its coming back with virtually a full fresh coat, so in order to keep the paint looking pristine ive went and bought a load of auto finesse detailing products. Ranging from citrus pre clean through to tripple polish and glisten spray wax. Now this is the question, Tripple polish also contains carnauba wax so would it be pointless putting spray wax on top of this or not. New to all this detailing malarkey lol. Ive also got a pot of dodo juice diamond white wax. So if anyone could enlighten me to which would be better ie just tripple or tripple followed by glisten/dodo juice and if any of u guys have used these products whats your thoughts.

    Cheers jambo
  2. You can layer stuff on top of tripple no problem.
    Just be wary not to do anything to the panel that’s been painted for a couple of weeks.
  3. Definitely top Tripple with something, either Glisten or your Dodo Juice wax, both will be fine. Tripple on it's own won't last very long at all.
  4. Cheers for that.

    So weather permitting Saturday will be my first attempt at proper detailing car, so in this order am i correct or missing something.

    1.Pre rinse car with jet wash
    2. Auto finesse imperial on wheels and agitate then rinse
    3. Af citrus spray then avalanche snow foam and rinse
    4. Af iron out then rinse
    5. Shampoo using 2 bucket method then rinse.
    6. Af tripple polish
    7. Dodo juice wax

    Is that correct procedure or am i missing out on a step or anything mixed. Like i said previously new to all this detailing game so any advice is much appreciated

  5. I always snow foam a dry car then rinse off but not sure what the instructions are on avalanche.
  6. Apply Iron Out after the 2 bucket wash. Also best to clay the car with a clay bar or clay mitt before polishing with Tripple.
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  7. I always use bug and grime remover (citrus power) first and allow to dwell before snow foaming. Some say foam on a dry car, others argue on a pre rinsed car... don’t think there’s any right or wrong way.

    My routine is as follows.

    1-clean wheels, with a dedicated wheel cleaner, detail brushes and a wheel brush to get those wheel barrels. Rinse.

    2- citrus power

    sometimes depending on level of dirt, pre rinse

    3-snow foam


    5-wash two bucket method


    7-iron fall out/tar remover

    8-wash/rinse to remove all iron fall out and tar remover

    9-clay bar (if needed)

    10-polish (tripple)


    hope this helps.
  8. Tex


    I wouldn't touch a freshly painted panel for a good few weeks - maybe just a touchless wash and definitely no compounds, polishes, wax or sealants. Needs to air out.
  9. yep...its amazing how soft paint is when box tex says leave a while before sealing the paint.

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