Auto express megane 275 trophy vs civic type r vs Leon cupra

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  1. whoops, just posted about this as well. That Civic is one crazy stiff car!
  2. Yeah looks like Steve's on a bouncing castle . still not sure on the type r they should have kept it exactly the same as the concept. I would love to see the cupra and megane with 100% brakes and the same power as a type r pretty sure they'd all run the same time just depends on who has the most fun doing it
  3. Honda looks like they gave it to a 17yr old to style with £100 Halfords vouchers.Also `brake fade` on the Megane!
  4. I wondered that as well. Maybe he's got his hands on it after someone's given it a 'proper' thrashing!
  5. Is it just me or does he looks to be trying really hard in the Honda but the other two he seems to just be taking it an 9/10ths ?
  6. Figured the Civic would edge it over the Megane but surprised the Leon did as well.
  7. I'm all for over the top styling, but it's a bit too much. They'll certainly have road presence though! I've always been a hater of the EP3 so it pleases me that this Civic sounds downright crap noise-wise :smile:
  8. Did seem it.
  9. I'd still pick up the keys to the Honda. Renault sport will no doubt have a reply when the focus is released.
    At this rate these cars will be lapping faster than some of the 'big boys'.

  10. Must admit It does look a bit like that, dare I say it, almost as if he wanted the Honda to be fastest......

    Three great cars though, I think it's great that Honda have made the effort with the new Type R, I bet it's a cracking drive. For me personally, I couldn't drive round in one of those, especially at my age, I'd look like a total bell end! :wink:
  11. I agree, the typeR has just to much body work and fins/wings going on, bit cartoony. Having owned a rs250 cup and now for the last six months the owner of a 280 cupra and track dayed both, the Cupra is nicer to live with day to day, , BUT, still miss that Megane.
  12. jesus! he's bouncing around in that drivers seat!
    I'm liking the fact it's loads different to the granny spec civic's out there...
  13. Let's be honest the megane is a few years older then the other too
  14. Also forgot to change up gear in the meg at one point losing time
  15. I love the Civic. I have never been a lover of the latest Megane. I loved the shape of the 225/R26 from the word go! Although I do think the 250/265/275 shape is a good car. Just doesn't do it for me. I never get bored of looking at my R26 in LY.
  16. If it was my money I'd much rather have the civic, looks a miles better car than the 275 and the trophy R
  17. I prefer the look of the civic and no doubt it's an absolute machine but a £13k 250 and few mods should match it
  18. The 275 R with lots of mods can't touch, nor on the price either
  19. Civic looks completely shite, I really don't like that new shape. Cupra is obviously a weapon but completely bland.

    If I had to keep one and not sell it, I'd rather have my LY R26 than either of them.
  20. Honest opinion, Honda typical Jap styling ie...trashy and tasteless....looks like they glued on a lot of stuff they forgot, and 4 exhausts, come on, look bloody daft.
    Could buy one but not a chance they'd get my money
    Seat.....borrrrring shape, looks like a 10 year old Focus on wheels, still looks like a new design, love the performance, love the dynamics, wouldn't swap it for anything at present apart from an Austin Allegro 1.3
  21. This was and still is the last type-r that I could stand to look at tbh:


    Personally I don't mind the styling of the Seat, more in the ball park for me tbh as I'm not one for shouty loud looking cars.
  22. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Take the badges off and i think you would struggle to name it.

    Looks like the 80's all over again, hot hatchback companies fighting.
  23. It's going to end up being top trumps. Renault's new Meg next year will take the crown of best hot hatch, re-take the ring record and then someone else will just retaliate and shave a few seconds off that and so on. It could end up being bloody tedious!
  24. Or the driver being killed trying
  25. Absolutely. Brakes are very poor, standard IMHO.

    This is the reason the Meg lost this test. Better pads would have made a 1 second deficit into a 1 advantage.
  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Totally agree, Im running on stock pads for the first time in almost 3 years and coming from "proper" spec compounds to these makes you realise just how poor they are, Even for road use.
  27. My standard pads worry me
  28. Austin Allegro in Brown for sure I'm with you on this one
  29. My opinion is SEAT is ugly and would never want to own one.

    Civic type R looks awesome, goes very well and the interior I presume will be space age as it was on the FN2! I would swap in a heartbeat for looks alone!

    Megane is ace and that's why I own one but must say that type R does it for me!

    on reading the first few posts of is Steve actually trying in the other two I laughed and thought typical biased, immature opinion as it got beat however after watching it I 100% agree he's hammering that type R you only need to watch the steering in out and gear change!
  30. That's comical just how much he's bouncing about in the seat of the Type R.
    At first I thought he was just pleased to be driving it :blush:

    I can see that going down well with toddlers on long journeys (I'm sure there will be a few stinking of puke), it's meant to be a hot hatch and be able to turn its hand to everything.

    It does look good fun though and its obviously very quick round the track and in a straight line...just the tedious/boring/everyday stuff, I'm not so sure it'll do that well.
  31. Was the Megane on Ohlins?

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