225 Asr/esp fault

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  1. Hi folks new on here, had my 225 for nearly a year now and always had an intermittent asr/esp fault. Which tbh never really bothered me but with some time off work I want to go round the car and fix a few things that aren’t working. Im thinking maybe one of the abs sensors are away or needing cleaned up. As it used to only come on when I turned my wheel fully left. Can anyone give me a list of what to check starting from easiest/cheapest. Thank you
  2. chappers2000

    chappers2000 RSM Club Member

    Had my abs dash warning came on intermittently and cleared itself once the engine was turned off and back on. Just one of the front abs sensors moving slightly. Just pull them out and push them back in and see how tight they are held. I just had to bend the metal tab slightly to narrow the gap so it held the sensor tighter. No issues after that.

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