anyone else find Recaros horribly uncomfortable?

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  1. :worried: kills me to admit it, after falling in love recently with a megane RS250 that has the Recaro leathers, I’m on my 4th day driving it now (30 min to and from work) and have tried readjusting the seat so many different ways to no avail. Haven’t had lower back pain in years until I got the meg. (i’m only 25, used to get bad lower back pain when i had a shitty office chair until i got a decent one and never saw back pain since, even 8 hour days on a chair or 8 hour road trips in previous cars)

    Anyone else find them uncomfortable or am I just the odd one out? i’m 185cm tall (not huge) with lanky legs and at maximum extension i still have my legs bunched up when depressing the pedals and never can rest the back of my legs on the seat so just don’t quite feel like i can relax my lower half. Calf muscles hurt. Feet hurt. Lower back hurts. :worried:

    Coming from an Audi S5 I am finding it near impossible to bare the seats having no reclining leg rests or adjustable lumbar support. (things i took for granted) Keep an eye out for either A. recaros up for sale or B. renault megane RS250 cup trophee for sale! (i’m laughing but also crying inside)

    Just looking for some conversations with others who may have experienced some discomfort maybe with lanky ass legs like me! It kills me to be honest with myself because i look at the recaro seats and man they look so rad and they LOOK comfy as but... not for me :worried: sad face

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  2. I was comfortable, even over 1200miles, one way to Spa,BUT, having had a bolster repair, it wore through again in under two years. I thought their reputation, outshone their quality, just my view.
  3. No problem at all. Just recently have an 2011 250 with (not leather) Recaros. I don't have any discomfort in seating position with my 174 cm. I have them exactly how I like it. But I can understand with (lower) back problems it may be a harsh drive. My previous R25 F1 was a bit more comfortable to be honest. I think I saw a thread in the wanted section for Recaro's. Maybe you could swap the seats with him/her?
  4. I personally think they’re the best standard seats I have sat in and always try and buy my next RS with them in (i’ve had a lot!).
  5. My opinion, a Trophy is not a confortable car. And say more, don´t think it was made to be confortable at all. Anyway, I have the full leather Recaros too and don´t have any problem. I had done some trips with 7-8 hours driving, only stoping to reload fuel, and don´t feel more pain in my back than the usual. I´m like you, 184cm. and 72kg.
  6. I find them very comfortable. Did 13 hours driving in one day and my back was fine. Having them reclined too much can cause back pain for some.

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