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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by K_Mcd222, May 21, 2017.

  1. Hi lads, fairly new here just been browsing round looking for advice and seeing what mods people recommend etc. Went out Tuesday this week upto North Yorkshire to buy this, was advertised as a car that's not clean but mechanically good so was perfect for me, went to look, was a lot cleaner than advertised so bought it.

    Mods when purchased

    Samco throttle hose
    Forge DV
    KTEC Intake
    Cooksport springs
    RST Stage 1 - 262bhp

    Just had new hubs this year and timing belt service end of last year, two main things I was looking for.

    Pic from advert


    Anyhow, today's been the only day I've had a proper chance to take it out properly, been round a few epic B-Roads and it's been amazing, the grip even on average tyres is epic and that's coming from a 172 cup with semi slicks and decent coilys. A friend has a 400hp mk2 RS and he couldn't shake the megane. So it's done more than enough to make me like it even more, even though whoever designed the ABS sensor clips needs shooting, keep getting issues with them working loose. Will probably get some glue on the back.

    Some poor pics from today taken off my mates snap chat so apologies




    Bought the pair of the forge clamps for the sensors in the bay so that's hopefully stopped any issues with them shooting out. There will be a few mods to come then no doubt back upto RST hoping for approx 300ish but the main thing is getting the brakes sorted as they are shocking.
    Almost as shocking as the price of them [emoji853]

    Sorry for blabbing on. [emoji106]

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  2. Don`t look too bad, apart from the colour of the wheels.
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  3. Agreed mate worst thing is theyre powdercoated so are more of a mustard than gold, will be sorted soon, [emoji106]

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  4. Could always go `Max Power` & colour match your wing mirrors, badges, door handles & sunstrip.:tearsofjoy:
  5. S43


    Seems a good start I noticed this for sale was tempted to have a nosey, like youbsay mechanically looks impresive and looks clean enough. Whats your plans for it?

  6. Was listed really badly lol made the car sound like a dog it's in good nick really needs front speakers sorting and possibly brakes soon but goes well and seems a good one so far.

    Plans are tidy it up, upgrade stuff what fails and enjoy it, get it on a few trackdays but keep it usable [emoji106]

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  7. Couple of pics from this weekend, went out for a drive through snowdonia park and north Wales with an r32 owners clubs one of my friends in, then stumbled on a car meet whilst in Flint fuelling up so stayed for a while and managed to find a few half decent pics on they're Facebook page lol..

    First one, somewhere in snowdonia, near Bangor at one of the many evo fuel stops [emoji849]


    And the rest at the slightly council car meet lol..






    Progress so far is ive just fit the forge clamps from GNJ motorsport and other than that just been driving and enjoying it, like it more and more the more I drive it. Front speakers don't work which is annoying need to look into it.

    Will update with some actual progress soon [emoji106]

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  8. Actual updates and pic whoring ..

    Went for a drive with and here's a few stolen pics...




    Then compared to other modified cars my midbox chop wasn't cutting it for noise so I've opted for a 3" Scorpion RS240 Decat Pipe.




    Horrific job wouldn't want to do another.

    Managed to find a suitable front splitter in a scrap yard too so got that fit, looks good but catches everything lol


    And then picked up a GPi cooler up locally.




    Been having a major issue with brakes recently, managed to get it sorted finally today and fit a new rear backbox mount thanks to danith on here

    Next updates will be some pics from tunerfest time attack this weekend at oulton park, and then hopefully should everything go to plan the car should have some wheels off another member on here [emoji7][emoji108]

    Cheers [emoji106]

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  9. Updates couple of pics/vids from weekend


    Decided to stick the go pro in my friends car in hope he'd get through bits of traffic and get some good chasing videos, which he did, by the way I wasn't being a nob and not letting him past he said he wanted to follow,

    sharing it here for some more video views on YouTube lol car went well, just needs tyres and upgraded pads next. Brakes felt a bit rubbish but didn't fade and the tyres even at 22psi were no good. But can't expect much from paradas lol.

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  10. That guy in the GTR was a right cu*t!

    My brother was there in his 182 and he was holding everyone up.
  11. Yeah was in my session too mate, he had a few hold ups too, not a fan of these sessioned days will stick to open pit from now on.

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  12. Yeah open pit is much better format. You get alot more freedom so to speak

    We're booked on oulton on 23rd August if you fancy it?
  13. Can't mate I'm at anglesey same week can't afford both, bit bored of oulton for now want to get about and learn a few more tracks before doing more there

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  14. Which car model is the new front lip ???
  15. 2002 corolla T Sport

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  16. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. [​IMG]

    Cheers to matt, I'm in love lol

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  18. I thought the gold wheels looked really good :smile:
  19. They were horrific mate lol and I kerbed 2 of them ‍♂️

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  20. More pic whoring
    And a video of the exhaust

    Took the car up to RS tuning to get the fuelling altered after adding the 3" decat and the FMIC
    Good job I did as it was lean top end of the Revs so it's running richer now but obv my power is limited with the injectors, doesn't bother me too much as I want to do the clutch and flywheel first anyhow..



    And some more pics of a blast out this weekend with Tom off here and a few of my other none megane friends lol.





    And a video of how it is now... 99db [emoji85]

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  21. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    those wheels do look good on your car kieran!!
  22. Thanks mate [emoji108][emoji106]

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  23. caymanr26

    caymanr26 Events Liason

    wheels look mint!!
  24. Bit of an update

    Took the car to trax at Silverstone


    Also just recently got some PBS protrack Pads for the front in time for cadwell park, made the car stop brilliantly, all it’s needed, with the ATE 200 fluid I’ve no complaints about the brakes anymore.






    Still umming and ahhing about what to do with it, not really advertised it for sale other than forums and on couple of Facebook pages. Using it as a daily at the min and it’s growing on me. Preferred using my van though cost a lot less to run [emoji23]‍♂️

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  25. Awesome car dude.gotta love a black r26
    I need a trackday soon !!!!
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  26. Well... ended up buying this car back, still enjoy it just as much as i did back then, despite having an RS250 and E46 M3 .. saving for a house, so this fills the void perfectly.

    Only issue is its been fully stripped out which has made it horrible for daily usage. If anyone can help me out with sourcing rear interior, ideally northwest it would be great


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