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  1. How about a second hand unit? It would always be a lottery as to the condition though.
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    .... still gather info about the G25.

    on MK3, retaining the short runner cast manifold and with the right VTC etc. map the spool can be improved. as the main european supplier is very close to me , I can have this turbo tomorrow at first hour .... this turns to be very convenient as Borg Warners are out of stock for now.

    I have all parts ready to put together only thing is the turbo and the new cranckshaft ordered in Renault.

    again for G25 and external WG setup , that will be too close to the downpipe. even providing coolant will be not so ok on track days. downpipe can be further modified to make some room , etc.

    best spool (MK3 275) I found is this one tuned by Arthur

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  3. Big thanks to Ian for sorting me out with a modified fpr, finally got the fuel pump running.

    The walbro is slightly longer than the standard unit, so I modified the internals of the sender to get it to fit. Not entirely convinced if cutting that section out was a wise move, but it seems to work.

    Haven't been able to road test it as I had to smash the locking ring off from the tank and I'm waiting for a replacement.

    I have modified the 250 fuel rail and I have my 630s in it ready to install on the car now so if the pump works OK, I'll book it in for mapping.

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  4. Hope it all goes well when mapping :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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