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  1. How about a second hand unit? It would always be a lottery as to the condition though.
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    .... still gather info about the G25.

    on MK3, retaining the short runner cast manifold and with the right VTC etc. map the spool can be improved. as the main european supplier is very close to me , I can have this turbo tomorrow at first hour .... this turns to be very convenient as Borg Warners are out of stock for now.

    I have all parts ready to put together only thing is the turbo and the new cranckshaft ordered in Renault.

    again for G25 and external WG setup , that will be too close to the downpipe. even providing coolant will be not so ok on track days. downpipe can be further modified to make some room , etc.

    best spool (MK3 275) I found is this one tuned by Arthur

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  3. Big thanks to Ian for sorting me out with a modified fpr, finally got the fuel pump running.

    The walbro is slightly longer than the standard unit, so I modified the internals of the sender to get it to fit. Not entirely convinced if cutting that section out was a wise move, but it seems to work.

    Haven't been able to road test it as I had to smash the locking ring off from the tank and I'm waiting for a replacement.

    I have modified the 250 fuel rail and I have my 630s in it ready to install on the car now so if the pump works OK, I'll book it in for mapping.

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  4. Hope it all goes well when mapping :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  5. Well I'm booked in for mapping next Saturday, but there is a problem!

    I can't find a sender/locking ring that fits well! Tried 2 types off ebay and one from K tec, none of them fit! Thought I'd got the K tec one on enough, seemed OK but when I've added more fuel its leaking quite badly :dizzy:
  6. They are a real shit to refit, i bought a proper tool for refitting the ring and it was still a nightmare.
    I did one on my 225, the original split (with a bit of help from me) i put that back on with a jubilee clip around the outside, left it a bit loose to get it almost tight and then tightened up the clip and then tapped the ring tight with a hammer.

    Never had any fuel leaks etc in all the time i had it.
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  7. Yeah I took it apart and looked like the seal had moved a little when reassembling.

    Managed to get it all back together and seems to have worked, need to take it for a road test yet though.

    Noticed a couple of oil drops on the floor as well, will have to get it in the air to investigate, but looks like the back of the engine somewhere as there's a very small drip on the lower engine mount.
  8. The oil leak is probably the rear crank seal, there is a core plug behind the flywheel that's on the end of the oil gallery, hope its not that as the engine i have in my workshop had that pop out on Chris's rollers :rage:
  9. Ohh christ don't say that! :confounded:

    Going to investigate further tomorrow and go from there. It had no signs of oil leaks when I did the swap, so hoping it's a loose connection somewhere and nothing on the block itself.

    Noticed a small amount of clutch slip too, thinking that it's the current map not controlling the big turbo very well when it hits boost and Chris can sort it. A bit of wishful thinking can go a long way :tearsofjoy:
  10. Hope it goes well for you
    I have pulled the engine out of my 250 today, i have some new Catcam rods to go in, replacing the Maxspeeding rods that was fitted by the previous "professional" engine builder, says Pec rods on the invoice :confounded:

    Got a tubular manifold EFR 7163 turbo and some other bit to do, should be fun once mapped :sunglasses:
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  11. I think the engine builder won the current rods in a 2p machine at the arcades :tearsofjoy:
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  12. that's the second engine i've rebuilt for people thats had those rods in, this one he's charged for PEC rods

    I only left them in while i was running the engine in and had a standard turbo, i'm not going to take a chance with them
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  13. Had a quick look underneath and couldn't find any major issues regarding the oil leak. Nothing obvious above sump level so wondering if it's the sump gasket? Couldn't get a clear look at the turbo oil feed, but it felt pretty dry so we'll see.

    Did notice a coolant leak, hoping I managed to sort that.

    Fuel was still weeping out of the locking ring, only a fraction of what it was. Managed to knock it a little tighter but haven't road tested it yet.

    Might just pull the engine after mapping to check it all over anyway so we'll see.
  14. Well it took 4 years, 2 different chassis and 3 gearboxes, but we got there in the end.

    408bhp :grin:

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  15. Man...what a beast have you there...Congrats and now is time to fun.

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