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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Agreen, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Picked up a second hand gearbox this weekend, just going to throw it on without the quaife initially to get it going!

    Seriously need to get this thing going this week, it's been a total nightmare of a project!

    Also bought another toy
  2. Hope it goes well my mate. Sometimes, "car life" hates you but sometimes also loves you so keep going strong!!
  3. Yeah I hope so!

    Got the box on the other day and it immediately feels better going through the gears stationary on the driveway.

    Hope to get the subframe back on over the weekend and fingers crossed it'll be running again!
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  4. It lives!

    This box sounds just as bad so maybe there was nothing wrong with the other and it's just the SMF :laughing:

    Wow, it's pretty insane tbh! The lag is virtually nothing to be fair and the boost comes on hard at around 3.5k! It's overboosting a little over the 225 map sensors parameters so it's cutting the power hard when it goes out of range (see pic).

    Still hitting similar speeds as the 250 turbo, but with the power being cut it's nowhere near its potential! Can feel it has a lot more to give! At present, the M3 would easily pull away.

    hoping to get some 250 maps on order and carry out some more tests/logs before swapping the fuel system and take it for mapping.

    Absolutely shocking without the diff though, don't know how people cope without!

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  5. I mean, I'm making an assumption that it's the map sensors? What else could it be?
  6. If you’re still running mk2 sensors then more than likely Andy, I’ve already got them on mine before I go to bigger turbo and remap.
  7. 250 map sensors need the calibration changing so need to be fitted when mapped. Id be a bit wary about giving it too much throttle before mapping as it might end up in tears with the larger turbo, especially if its very lean.
  8. Yeah thinking it could be flowing too much air and there's not enough fuel getting in, not sure how sophisticated the ecu's are and whether it can adjust enough to cope!

    I think the safest bet is to get the 250 fuel rail on, sort the fuel pump and map sensors then take it for mapping and see what happens.

    Just glad to get the damn thing running tbh!
  9. Ecu wont adjust the fuelling as wide open throttle is in open loop when mapped so could be very lean, especially as it sounds like its overnoosting if its triggering map/boost sensor fault. Get the bits sorted and straight for a map.
  10. Yeah good shout! I let the excitement of driving the thing for the first time in a while get to me! :tearsofjoy:
  11. So I have a walbro pump on order, new map sensors and a 5 bar regulator for the pump. I already have the rail and regulator so fingers crossed I can get this fitted soon and booked in for mapping.
  12. Last of the parts arrive tomorrow so I'm hoping to get a hit on it this weekend. Can't wait to get it finished now, feels insane to drive already lol.

    Picked up another toy, a porsche cayman 2.9. Fun thing to drive and throw around, engine out back is interesting, really easy to get the back out, will be fun in the wet lol!
  13. I've actually booked it in for mapping :tearsofjoy:

    Still haven't fitted the 250 fuel set up, but at least it'll be usable after the map!
  14. Really :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
    This build is taking longer than I've been alive, hope you get it sorted before i pass into the next world :confused:
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  15. Ha, I'm surprised the whole car hasn't just rotten away!

    It's currently running a knackered old gearbox with no lsd, I just hope the damn thing holds together on the rollers! :sweatsmile:

    The mapping is 4 weeks away, not sure if I should put some effort in and get the fueling sorted!
  16. :fearscream:

    Didn't get chance to change the fueling so it'll be a major limitation! But it'll be good to get the thing running!

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  17. Well almost done, not too bad just 2 years and two months :laughing::laughing::neutral::neutral:

    I think i'm on my 3rd build or is it 4th :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Its going to be so limited with the standard fuel setup, hope it goes well, it might then spur you on to finish it :laughing::laughing:
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  18. Tbh Ian that was the reason for taking it in as it is! It's made me realise how close I am to finishing and how wild the thing can be! I love how refined my M3 is and the Porsche looks cool and is fun to drive, but the megane is just insane in comparison to them!

    It ran just shy of 350bhp, the fuel pump couldn't keep up past 5500rpm so had to tale it right down. Chris reckons it's easy got 400bhp+ in it.:sunglasses:

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  19. Will be funny to see the faces of the "big boys" drivers when you´ll pass them in Madam Meg...:grin::grin:
    I´m glad you happy, in absence to ending details:wink:
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  20. Wow
    350 is good with standard fuel setup, now get that DW65c in the fuel tank and the 250 fuel rail fitted and lets see what it makes then.

    Great you have taken it up a level from sitting on your drive :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  21. It is wild as it is! Just been out and man I miss the diff! 350lb-ft with an open diff :astonished::tearsofjoy: Struggling to get the power down in 4th with the weather conditions!

    I need to get something fabricated to hold the electric water pump and then route some new coolant pipes, thinking some Braided lines maybe?

    It's definitely given me the drive to get it finished! I've taken the other cars off the road for the winter so I have no excuse but to focus on this! :grimacing:
  22. glad to here it

    Well I'm off to the Ring and Spa Friday in the diesel hope its wet :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  23. Nice graph Andy, bet it flies now, can’t believe you have no diff in it though!
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  24. Yeah it's horrendous without the diff lol!

    I've got so used to RWD that I just burst out laughing doing wheel spins at 80mph :tearsofjoy:
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  25. Just realised it's a walbro not a dw65 pump! By all accounts the walbro are terrible so II'll get my hands on a dw65 instead!

    Ordered a few bits to sort the mess that are the coolant pipes and tidy the engine bay a little, be awesome if I can get this done for Christmas.
  26. I thought Walbro pumps are good, I fit one in my old STI before remap and never had a problem in 40000km. The fact is there are many fakes in the merch and must to be sure about the seller that you buy. Can imagine with the DW65 one will be the same. Anyway is a good point to keep in mind.
    Don´t forget the pic of that bay when you finish the job!:grin:
  27. I hit a problem today, the dreaded check ignition, limp mode and misfire! Was under load when it went, managed to limp it home.

    There's no smoke so I'm assuming it's electrical rather than mechanical. Will swap all the coils out for some spares that I have and run some compression tests whilst I'm at it. The error codes were along the lines of throttle switch, but I know they're vague.

    Fingers crossed I get it running, was hoping to get it all sorted over Christmas!
  28. I still haven't finished this :tearsofjoy:
  29. FFS what are you doing :rage:
  30. :sweatsmile:

    I've actually swapped everything over to a new chassis and keeping it as a fast road car, not track.

    I can't find anyone that will machine the fpr down to fit the old fuel housing, its literally the last piece of the puzzle before the final map!

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  31. I can sort that FPR for you, i think i already have one done
  32. I've done a few now for guys on this forum
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  33. Ian, that would be amazing!
  34. PM me your address
    If i get time i will post it tomorrow

    Last one i did i charged £38 inc post
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  35. autronix

    autronix RSM Club Member

    how is the G25 spool vs stock turbo? many thanks
  36. It's not bad at all! I heard some people saying it's really laggy, but it really isn't. At 3k you're hitting boost and with the limiter raised to over 7k, you've got plenty of revs to play with.

    It's similar to an older type turbo, ever driven an old evo or something like that? Takes a little bit of getting used to but easily manageable. We're pretty spoilt with modern turbos tbh.
  37. autronix

    autronix RSM Club Member

    thank you mate. was that in 0.72AR?

    I want instant punch , I`m not interesed in any gains above 5000 rpm so G25 is a no go for me.
    on MK3 (VTC) with cast the manifold can be tuned to a better spool but yet not very effective.

    I may stick with the oem turbo but a new unit is discontinued , don`t want to use any hybrids so only way to go is the EFR 6258-G or 6758 .
  38. If you're not interested in gains above 5k then I'd just stick with the original turbo.
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  39. autronix

    autronix RSM Club Member

    my turbo has a shaft play , I`m just rebuilding my engine and can`t use it so a new unit is mandatory.

    problem is the oem version TD04L6-15TK31 / 49377-07320 turbo is discontinued.
    reman. BTS discontinued also.
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  40. Is this for a standard turbo ???

    If it is give Turbo dynamics a call and ask for a CHRA, i bought one earlier this year, it was around £150 posted.
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