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  1. Yeah I've got a few other bits i need to get sorted then I can get it all back together and on the road.

    I had forgotten how loud it is, neighbours will love it. :laughing:
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  2. i suppose i'm lucky next door is almost deaf, the next one up doesn't mind, he's 84 and has a Mini cooper JCW and i don't give a shit what the lower house thinks :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  3. The neighbour the exhaust is facing are alcoholics anyway, bar in the back garden, wasted every weekend/night so it's a form of pay back :tearsofjoy:
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  4. 75w-90 fully synthetic okay for the box with a quaife?

    Pretty sure that's what it had in before?
  5. Yes spot on, they don't need any special oil, manufactures oil or equivalent.

    Had a Quaife put in my SL55 and they said use what ever the manufactures recommend
  6. The systems were coming up with 75w-80 but the bit that I had left was 75w-90 so I chucked that in to run the engine up to temp and will just stick with it!

    Literally a driveshaft seal holding me back from total re-assembly!!
  7. Using a 75W-90 You will have increased wear protection but the gear changes will not be as smooth and there will be an increased fuel usage.
  8. Less wear will be more beneficial than notchey gears and higher fuel consumption as I'm aiming for 400bhp+
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  9. I've got the dreaded clutch bleed issue.

    Bled it through to the slave connection but can't seem to get a peddle! It will go into gear but virtually nothing on the peddle.
  10. Wedge the peddle down for a few hours or overnight and release it slowly
  11. Yeah I'm following some advice you gave to someone else here. Currently have it on the first clip with a pipe above the reservoir. Before I go to bed I'll fully connect it and keep the pedal down.

    Fingers crossed, but I'm already planning to drop the box :sweatsmile:
  12. also you could try and very quickly pump the clutch peddle up and down a dozen or more times then hold it down for a hour or so
  13. Managed to get the clutch pressure and took it out for a quick spin around the block. Everything seems good so will get her taxed and insured etc and get the show on the road.
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  14. pleased to here it's up and running, so no pulling the gearbox out then
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  15. To complete that ghetto look. :sweatsmile:

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  16. It’s getting there mate.
  17. Just hope it's enough to pass the mot!

    As a side note, carried out another compression test and it's equal across all 4 cylinders. I fitted a new header tank and everything seems to be working better with that too, it was boiling over as it wasn't holding the pressure due to a small crack.
  18. Now has an MOT and is taxed so I can finally run her in. :grimacing:
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  19. 50 miles done, feels good!

    Kept it between 2.5k and 5k mostly, gave it a few full throttle pulls but nothing past 5k yet.

    Great to be able to carry some speed through the corners again, Mrs absolutely cacked her pants :tearsofjoy:

    Jury out on the abs delete, definitely going to take some getting used too but I know the offside rear isn't as powerful as the nearside from the mot so it seems to lock up easier and slides a little one side (equally as fun as terrifying). I did strip it down, but it doesn't seem to have come back yet. Will give it more time and take it back to the test station at the garage before buying a new caliper.

    I did soften the dampers and it's made a hell of a difference, much better on the roads than before.
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  20. Another 50 miles on the clock, engine feels good.

    However, used the quaife for the first time and there's now a bit of a groan coming from the box. :confused: will check the oil levels tomorrow if I get home in time and see if that helps before I go crazy.
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  21. And..... the gearbox sounds knackered :cry:

    2nd is rough and 3rd not much better, putting a bit of torque through it the other night must've killed it!

    Looks like I'll be getting a 2nd hand box ready to take apart for the quaife to be swapped over. :mask:

    A bit of moisture must've crept in when I was building the engine which is a shame, I'm hoping that this current box will last long enough to run the engine in so I can replace everything at once.

    Very nearly booked anglesey for 19 August, glad I didn't now.:disappointed:
  22. Sorry to hear that man, is a pain when you have to step back. And you think a bit of moisture could be the reason??
  23. Haven't you run it in yet :openmouth::openmouth::openmouth:

    I have had my engine out again, stripped it as it chucked out a load of oil from the dipstick at Anglesey, did push a little bit out at Donington on the 16th June.

    Stripped the engine and found that the pistons had picked up but one was worse than the other, think they bored it slightly too tight, i'm still waiting for another set of piston rings, they have honed the bores out, so soon as the rings are here i will build up the engine again.

    In the mean time, i built up my spare engine fitted with the old 265 pistons and rods, did a trackday in Cornwall (last Sunday), went really well until the clutch peddle locked up, had to release the fluid from the pipe so i could push the peddle down so i could start the engine, had to drive home with no clutch yet again :cry::cry:

    And today, i have pulled the engine out again to find out why the clutch has stopped working
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  24. At least I'm not alone with having problems!

    I'm so busy with work I've been finding it difficult to get the time to put some miles on it, probably only done 120 so far.

    I'm going to put some serious effort in this week to get it run in, then I'll pull the engine and split the box to see what's going on, just hope it'll last a few 100 miles if I keep 2nd & 3rd to a minimum!

    Going to change the offside rear caliper too, pretty sure it's doing next to nothing so all the pressure is hitting the nearside causing it to lock, no matter how I set the bias valve, that side is locking out! Finger crossed that'll sort that out.
  25. It's not something I've had to do but I've working knowledge of how to change up and down without a clutch.
    Did you need to stop much and if so how did you get it going again
  26. Small update.

    Not sure why the images aren't attaching properly.

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  27. Very nice Andy!
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  28. Very good looking those bits hehe. I'm a bit jaleous :blush::blush:. Wich turbo is it exactly?. How is the fittment with the space avaiable between firewall and the engine?? Do the plastic tray under the wipers tend to melt?
  29. It's a g25-550, I went for the internal wastegate version. It's actually a kit from cooksport.

    Space will be tight, but it should work.

    Now I just need some spare time and the gearbox sorting.
  30. Some progress.

    Not sure on the water feed and return set up so will probably get some pipes made up.

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  31. I haven't had much time to spend on this but it is back in the car, just need a few silly bits making up for it to go back together.

    Plan is to get it running and mapped as is for now and change the fuel system next year.

    In the meantime, I've gone and got myself another toy...

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  32. Liking the new toy mate, very nice.
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  33. Nearly had this going yesterday but I've hit an electrical problem!

    Went to connect the battery and it was sparking, I've narrowed it down to the starter motor, specifically the lower main connection.

    Going to have to try and get the starter out and try swap it for a new one, fingers crossed it works and I haven't fried anything! No fuses have blown so who knows!

    What a ball ache.
  34. So, it was the heatshield catching the back of the starter terminal that was causing the short! I managed to get a saw with a long blade to chop some of the rear terminal to create clearance.

    It's now up and running, can't take it out yet as I need one pipe to join everything together, but I'm happy to have got this going before Christmas!
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  35. So, I let a gearbox "specialist" take a look at the box because it was making a bit of a rumble noise. They were banging on about the quaife not being shimmed correctly bla bla so they stripped it and reset everything.

    Turns out they've totally ruined the box! It's a struggle to get any gear (they will go but it's a bastard, I was struggling with just the selector with the box on the floor but thought maybe with oil it may be ok) and the whine it's making is incredible!

    The one thing I let somebody else do and they completely fuck it up, unbelievable!

    So now I've got to drop the subframe and whip the box off :triumph:
  36. Dislike!
  37. Fuck! Sorry to read that. :pensive:
  38. I started this up before, the turbo flutter even stationary is :hearteyes:

    I'm just going to pull the engine out the front to get the box out again, I need to get this sorted to see how it fares against the M3:tearsofjoy:

  39. Nothing like a ' specialist' to sort things out
  40. 20220226_161335.jpg

    Very nearly binned this project but today I decided to get the box out and get the ball rolling again!

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