R26 Alternator part number or advice needed

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently bought a Megane R26 2008 that has a fault, the low power warning light and battery warning light come on around 10-15 mins into a drive.

    I have clip and checked for errors there was a present error in the engine ecu and the ucp ecu for alternator type and alternator multiplex. I have checked the connections and the alternator which to my surprise was a new alternator a Lucas item so I’m suspecting the car is fitted with the incorrect alternator. Tried asking RPD for an alternator but they cannot provide me with a part as they need the numbers off the old alternator.

    So any ideas on which alternator to buy? I have also looked on AUTODOC and there seem a lot of options so wanted to go Renault but they can’t help either. Attached are photos of the errors and also the alternator currently fitted.

    adb979e1ba2604f82fd41c956d0e7fca.jpg 8d4d8091d2dd14b5a007864e52390869.jpg

    Appreciate any help as I’d like to use the car as a daily.


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  2. I know this sounds daft but have you tried a new battery, Halfords will deep scan the one in the car for free to tell you if it's any good or not, worth a try

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  3. Yeah tested at 90% capacity and 12.7V so should be okay, the fault that shows alternator type I have read can be to do with UPC needing the correct alternator charge that is coded to it?

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