Alcantara Steering Wheel

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Alcantara Steering Wheel?

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  1. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    I've been thinking of getting my steering wheel retrimmed by Royal Steering Wheels for a while now but am still not sure, how quickly does it wear out and need redoing?
  2. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    I hate alcantara with passion, retrim in leather though, hell yeah :tongueout:
  3. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    It already is leather! Or do they do nicer leather? :tongueout:
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Think you will find its not real leather :wink:, and would get mine redone, more becasue i want red stitch look, already have a spare wheel, gear gater, and handbrake leaver/gater, waiting to be done one day
  5. Alcantara everywhere, love it,classy. Hate leather,common
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  6. EBA66

    EBA66 RSM Club Member

    I have the alcantara steering wheel. Cleaning it is a b****. Every time I take it to the shop somebody decides to touch it with dirty hands. Even worse they try cleaning it without knowing how to proper do it and you get bald patches. Worst idea I had.

    Do it in leather and make it thicker.
  7. Lovely at 1st, but give it 6 months.....
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  8. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    As I thought then, stay away haha! Might get it redone in leather and with proper yellow stitching.
  9. Alcantara. Try not to get it dirty. Mine was done by Royal and still ok after a year. 20180415_122849.jpg
  10. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    How much did you pay for gearstick, handbrake and steering wheel?
  11. Is it not cruel for the poor little Alcantaras?
  12. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

  13. IME I'd say alcantara is fine for weekend and TD cars but will wear and get dirty for a daily driver. You could have one that is part leather and alcantara, with leather bring on the bits you mostly hold.

    Also, I'd add that when mine was done it does make it quite a thick wheel which I wasn't keen on.
  14. Alcantara makes your car at least a second a lap faster ;-)
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  15. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Yeah, mine is a daily so half and half sounds like a good idea. I really wish I could fit a mk4 steering wheel though, much sportier!

    Well, of course, it goes without saying that it makes the car faster!
  16. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Beau how many miles have you done since you had it?
  17. Mine is a daily. I have done around 6000 miles I think. Was fitted by the previous owner(a friend of mine) so had done a bit of mileage with him too.

    I am careful with trying not to get in the car with dirty hands. I do really like the feel of the alcantara though compared to leather. I have a snappy wheel in my Clio Cup which is mainly leather with a small bit of alcantara at the bottom of the wheel.

  18. Will double check what it cost. Think it was around £200 - £250.
  19. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    The pricing seems so good for what you're getting. I always thought it was stupidly expensive for retrimming.

    I'll be doing about 10,000 a year so still not decided if I'm going to go for full or half and half.
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  20. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    I feel like if I go for half and half then I should make the handbrake match, I was going to go for Alcantara on that but would an Alcantara gaiter and leather handle work better do you think?

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