Airtec Intercooler

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  1. As a AirTec/Autospecialists reseller, we'll be selling these very soon and if we ever get to be traders on here, will be doing some introductory & forum offers. We have our own exclusive RenaultSport colour scheme for it as well :smiley:

    Track Focus Direct
  2. B*llocks. I've just bought a Forge one :rolleyes:
  3. Oh well if you ever fancy a change... LOL :wink:
    You may be interested in something else I'm working on. Custom lower grills... they are stronger than the plastic ones, allow better cooling and protection for your precious coolers. Intercoolers and logos will also be more visible. Anyone interested? Here's an example one on our Focus (ignore my ass, I was caught on camera whilst bleeding the clutch at Oulton Park LOL)
  4. Looks good
  5. I'm liking the idea of the grille, would change the look of the front too.
  6. Interesting kerp us posted
  7. Yup
  8. Also interested in these. That focus looks mint even with your big ass in shot :smile:
  9. When you looking to get going with these then?
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Any chance of them doing an RS250 version?

    Would be interested in a new version grill for it as well :wink:
  11. LOL thanks (I think) :smiley:

    Hopefully well before end of March
  12. Absolutely if there's enough interest. Lets see how the Megane II one goes, then we can look at the 250. We'll need a volunteer and their car for this though
  13. You worked out any prices out for them?
  14. I'm liking the grille
  15. I can volunteer ;-)
  16. Its too early to say yet but they will likely be in the region of £90-£140 but I will apply a forum discount and intro offer (if I can become a trader here!). I will know more once the pattern is done and we have a better idea of the fitment and work involved.
  17. I was referring to the intercooler price, cheers

  18. Haha, sorry, I'd forgotten we'd gone way off topic! We still need to work the intercooler price out but you will know very soon!
  19. I just thought you were doing them super cheap when I first read it! Haha ye keep us posted, cheers

  20. Hehe :-) Yes that would be a cracking price :-).
  21. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Sent you a PM, Im more than happy to lend you my car to use for it as i had previously contacted Airtec about a cooler for the Mk3
  22. Im loving that grille, will it be PH2 bumpers only ?

    Hope not !

  23. At first, yes but once ph2 is done, we will look at ph1 and the mk3. Would that cover all the current RS Megane 2 and 3's? There isn't a different grill shape lurking that I am unaware of? ;-)
  24. MonkeyRider id certainly be interested in an Airtec option. Currently for us Mk3 owners there are no alternatives other than Forge!
  25. Ash87

    Ash87 RSM Moderator

    hmm black cooler with yellow airtrec writing sat lurking behind a LY bumper.. I'll start saving!
  26. Can You send IC to Poland? :smile: Black with no signs
    They will fit on standard mountings?
  27. Count me in MK3
  28. I'd be interested in a IC and the grill for my r26 :smile:
  29. Will you do matching top grills aswell?
  30. Track Focus Direct

    Track Focus Direct RSM Trader

    (Switching to my new trader user :smiley:)
    Yes, I will look into the top grills and see if its possible. It will look better if they all match.
  31. Daz


    Looking forward to seeing these grills and what they look like! :wink:
  32. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    interesting. My IC is getting tired now, been on years, will deco look into another uprated jobber.
  33. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!
  34. Ho, I want one can you imagine black IC white letters. Mmmmmmm yes please.
  35. What about the rear grill cover things on the meganes... would look nice if those matched the fronts too :smile:
  36. My rear grilles are in a right state, might ask ads if you can buy new.
  37. Can I jus ask the airtec cooler being 95mm won't that make the turbo lag more than say a 60mm cooler? It's just the first time I've seen a 95mm cooler for these cars.. comparing to the forge cooler it looks like the better alternative both size and cost wise.
  38. No. You will be fine. Pressure drop ? Maybe, but not enough to worry about.
  39. Track Focus Direct

    Track Focus Direct RSM Trader

    Excellent idea - I will look into this as well. Wow, its just turned into a 5-grill-package :smiley:. Thanks for the idea!


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