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  1. Being a twat?!

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  2. I think it's a pretty fair question, if the intercooler is particularly restrictive it will not make the Same power as the standard item. Technically speaking it may make more power, If the intercooler is very efficient in comparison to what was fitted it may make more Power as the inlet air will be cooler and hence denser which will allow the ECU to adjust the fueling within preset tolerances to make more Power. It won't be much of an increase but it will still be there assuming comparison is made at same ambient temps, altitude and humidity
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    i’d say that is a pretty technical comment ye it has to make some difference doesn’t it it’s bigger so more air flow.

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  4. It's not really about airflow as such although a restrictive intercooler is bad one with a very low pressure drop is good. It's about a low pressure drop and maximum them reduction. The bigger the intercooler the bigger mass of air you need to fill it which will not have a positive outcome on spool so the utopia is to have an intercooler just big enough to give the desired temp drop for a minimum pressure drop.
  5. Is this group buy finished @APM?
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  6. JJZ


    hi eddie this group buy finished a couple of weeks ago. but there might be another one going am not sure.

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  7. What did you guys do with the air scoops after fitting the intercooler? Do the side bits just become redundant as i cant get them to fit in
  8. JJZ


    ye i didn’t fit mine i just put them in the garage. the intercooler has side scoops so they will take its place and act the same am not sure what other people have done tho hope this helps.

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  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Trim them, they need to go back in to guide the air properly
  10. Certainly trim and refit the top halves to maintain airflow into the water radiator
  11. JJZ


    next time i take of the bumper i’ll have a go at trimming mine down cheers jamie.

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  12. I ended up trimming them down, so now they sit on top of the crash bar basically
    Luckily I did then
  13. JJZ


    you won’t be able to see them tho will you cus there behind the bumper aren’t they.

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  14. Yeah they're hidden
    Just for directing the air
  15. JTB


    Appreciate this has ended now, but does anyone know if the Airtec stage 1 will fit a Meg 275? Notice it only mentions 250 & 265 on their website.
  16. Late response, but I have a stage 1 on my 275.
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  17. Any chance of another group buy going ahead for these?
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