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  1. Evening All,

    My RS250 had the common thermostat issue for some time, getting up to the first temp notch on the gauge and no hotter. This caused the oil and intake temps on the RS monitor to not even register on the graph most of the time.

    Last weekend I replaced the thermostat, and the coolant and oil temps have been showing spot on since.

    However, I have now noticed that after 20-30 minutes driving the intake temperature slowly creeps up into the high 20's low 30's while the car is moving during normal driving (7 degrees ambient temp). This then raises and maxes out in the high 40's whilst stood on the driveway running after the drive.

    I've had a friend run some diagnostics and nothing is flagged and the readout on his laptop was matching the same inlet temp on my RS monitor (30+ degrees at the time).

    Today I have noticed that the sensor itself feels quite hot and appears to be getting this heat from the coolant pipe next to it. I'm not sure what else could be causing it.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? How did you fix it? I'm not sure if to be worried or not as I'm not used to seeing these sort of temps.

  2. you cant take any notice of the temps when stopped, i have <10 degrees on track, cool down lap and once parked the temp goes up quite quickly.
    Back out again and the temps drop, are you running a standard intercooler ??? is the car mapped ???

    If you aren't booting it much and the temp is still going up, it might be worth replacing the sensor.
  3. The car is completely standard.

    After a steady drive home from work (25 mins, not booting it) the temperature was in the high 30's.
    I think I'll order a new sensor off RPD and take it from there.
  4. That high for this time of year
  5. I replaced the sensor at the weekend and it seems to have improved somewhat.

    Highest temps I saw whilst moving was in the low 20's with an outside temp of 10 degrees.

    Will monitor for now.
  6. In mine, I usually see a difference of 8 degrees between the outside temperature and the intake temperature!
    I think your car is now giving normal values

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